Ariana’s Babbies

Saya kan, minat main anak patung masa kecil2 dulu. Time umur lingkungan sekolah rendah, sanggup simpan duit untuk kumpul jadi RM10 dan beli sendiri look-a-like Barbie doll di Our Mini Market (satu kedai di Fajar dulu). Dulu-dulu tiada main Barbie Doll original tu pasal mahal. asalkan ada. Criteria pemilihan patung tu, paling bagus yang paling banyak baju supaya boleh tukar-tukar. Satu untuk pegi dinner, pegi kerja, pegi pasar beli ikan etc.

Fast forward ke sekarang, saya sudah ada anak perempuan yang sudah berumur 3 tahun 3 bulan, dan sudah pandai main anak patung. Saya lah yang paling suka sebab lama sudah tiada anak patung. Hehe.

Last year, I bought a Baby Alive for Ariana’s birthday present. Lepas tu, Ariana pandai tengok-tengok video review mainan di Youtube. Kemudian, pada suatu hari, kami pergi ke Toys R Us, Ariana terus sambar satu lagi Baby Alive. Rupa-rupanya video review yang Ariana selalu tengok tu betul-betul memudahkan Ariana in making decision which toy to sambar.

Look at the HAPPY FACE 🙂

Now that she already have 2 babbies, Saya fikir2, best ni kalau ada tea party set. Boleh main-main minum tea 🙂



Eh.. Did you noticed the new addition to the family?


I was looking at ebay for other available version of Baby Alive and just found out that Baby Alive wujud since zaman dolu-dolu and they are people selling vintage collections of Baby Alive in ebay.

So, three of them all together and Ariana named them SATU, DUA and TIGA respectively.

And since that Ariana hijacked all they throw pillows for her babbies, I decided to make a bedding set for the babbies.

Throwpillows and Ariana’s blanket.


Then next day, we (read: Me, Satu, Dua & Tiga) send Ariana off to school together.


And after that, the girls (read: Satu, Dua & Tiga) followed me to the Post Office, bank and craft supllies store.


PS: Ariana got a lot of toys from me this month, so she should at least fast from buyying toys for the next 3 months. Hehe.

PS: These Baby Alive pandai makan & minum & pakai diaper, but, I didnt tell Ariana about this yet. not until mommy knows how to sew baby’s cloth diapers. Bankrupt mommy beli pampers baby alive nanti.

DIY Bracelet and Necklace

During the absence of Enchek Kedek and mum in law last week, me & Ariana went to the toys shop very frequent. Then, I saw this one set of bracelet & necklace making set for girls. I admit it was a fun activity for mommy and daughter, but I dont really agree with the price of the set.

So I brought Ariana to the local craft supplies shop and bought these…


…and made our own DIY Bracelet & Necklace 🙂




Great & money saving.

Beads per pack : RM2
Every 3 pack of beads : RM4
Time spent & memories created : Priceless!


My 12 days of being a SAHM

Last week, Enchek Kedek went to Kuching for course and mum in law went back to Sibu to take care of her father. So it was only me & Ariana in Miri. I took 1 cycle off and my 12-days as stay-at-home mum begun.

A lot of things can be done in 12 days was what I thought, but in reality, I was too busy being a stay-at-home mum that I didnt even managed to finish 1 bag order. Haha.

Anyway, we (me & Ariana) survived through that 8 days (Enchek Kedek came home on the 8th day of suri-rumah-ing). I’ll sump up everything lah k on my updates upon being a stay-at-home mum for 12 days.


Ariana only missed 1 day school due to flu & cough. Her attendance was full for the whole week. I managed to get her ready for school and off to school before 9 a.m (but her school starts at 8 a.m -_-“). She did tried to talk me into escaping school everyday, but a mom’s gotta do what a mom’s gotta do i.e bribe her with chocolates & toys. It is more like a cheat code actually.

‘Mommy, sik mok school’
‘Sik mok school’
‘No school means no toys, no koket(chocolate), no bus (she’s a huge fan of the bus(???)), no baby (her anak patung)’
‘Ok.. No toys, no bus, no koket and no coconut’

Then mommy bingung sendiri. Coconut?


I cleaned the house everyday, did the laundry everyday and cooked breakfast and dinner everyday but had lunch outside everyday. Remember, cheat code! Hehe


I enjoyed being the 12-days-stay-at-home-mum eventhough chaos everyday. I slept early everynight due to the endless critical thinking and activities with Ariana.

Im not sure, whether it was just me, or Ariana did repeat everything that she said not less than 3 times -_-“. There are times where my level of patient almost hits the limit, but, Ariana always have her backup plan.

But, on the bright side, I managed to spend more time to do hair treatment at home, face mask every night and never missed my supplement :).


Being a stay-at-home mum, is not as easy job. Dont ever think that stay-at-home mum just sits around the house whole days watching korean movie or telenovella. Those mommies out there that able to settle all SAHM chores and have the time to spend on TVs, internet or homebased business without the help from a maid, I SALUTE YOU!

Eventhough I managed to keep all things in place, but I used cheat code! Bought toys and chocolates for Ariana. I skipped folding clothes chores which ended up with 2 mountains of unfolded clothes. I did woke up late one morning, and only prepared roti paratha for Ariana to bring to school and I did not water the plants! I used the ‘hari-hari hujan’ excuse to Enchek Kedek started to question why his pokok dabei daunnya warna kuning.

And, among all cheat codes, the greatest saviour was, a huge bar of cadbury chocolate inside my handbag, if you sweet-tooth-mommies out there knows what I mean :p

Mommy’s Little Shopping Buddy

I tagged Ariana along with me last Thursday to buy supplies for my skincare. Went to the skincare booth, but the sales assistant went out for dinner. So me & Ariana memanjangkan langkah to Toys’r’us. She wanted a racing car with a track the night before when she went out with Enchek Kedek. So the intention was to grab the said thing, and went back to Parkson for my skincare but, Ariana was having rough time deciding which toy she wanted. Pendek kata, rambang mata.

She got her 2 sets of jumping beans race car (???), and on our way to the cashier, she saw this.


I kept on reminding her that she already got one at home. Taking care of 2 babbies is not an easy job (Aunty Ona’s Idea). But Ariana still insisted of having another one.

Baby : Im so hungry.
Ariana : Awww..

Ariana : Im mummy Mai..
Mummy : -_-”

Called Enchek Kedek and he gave his green light since that it has been awhile that Ariana didnt get any new toys. Besides, Ariana already started her conversation with that baby.

Ariana : Come.. Balik rumah.. ( sambil memeluk kotak patung)
Mummy : -_-“””””””!!!!


The girl who never fails to ‘paw’ duit mommy. Macam tau-tau seja bah..

Then we went back to Parkson and Ariana refused to sit down with me at the skincare booth because the sales assistant wore a nurse-like uniform. So I isolated her to the nearest booth, still within my radar.

Duduk jauh-jauh.

As of now, I can say that Ariana can be my little shopping buddy 🙂

The 28th year.

Yesterday (11 March) was my 28th birthday!

Syukur Alhamdullilah.

For me, age is a number. A number for me to reflect back to myself.

After 28 years, what have I achieved?

Did I pray enough? Love enough?

Did I work enough? Earn enough?

Did I made new friends? New enemies?

Have I achieved my goals?

And most of all, am I prepared enough for the years ahead?

But for this time being, I am thankful for the family, health, rezeki, love and friends.

Selamat Ulang Tahun untuk saya 🙂

I was on my day shift on my birthday. Nobody at the office knows it was my birthday, and Of course lah saya diam-diam kan. Haha.

My boss and other colleagues went out for breakfast, and when they came back, I was sitting not facing the entrance door. I heard a birthday song was sang. Tiba-tiba nervous. Eh eh.. Ada orang sama birthday dengan saya hari ni? Tapi suara tu cukup kuat di sebelah telinga. Rupa-rupanya my colleguegs made a surprise. Sudah tua-tua ni jarang lah dapat surprise. Hehe. Jadi amatlah terkejut. Sikit mau nangis tapi tajadi :p

Thank you to my team for the fluffy birthday cake.

Also thank you to those yang mendoakan yang baik-baik untuk saya sempena hari jadi ke 28 tahun ini di facebook, sms, whatsapp, ‘bloggerama, bising tanpa suara’ and semua yang wish secara bertentang mata. Aiseh.. Hehe

Enchek Kedek came home that night, and we had a late night dinner date at our favourite local restaurant, Nasi Lemak Selera Rasa Segar then both of us continued with our farm at Hayday and my current sweet obsession, SUGAR CRUSH. Yea boohoo. We are that boring, but we still love each other tight tight.

Have you met Esmeralda?

Esmeralda, my new embroidery machine 🙂


I bought it last month. I was super duper excited about it that I didnt even have the time to blog about it.

I was in dilemma few months ago on which machine to buy. There are a lot of choices with different specs. Those with a 5 digits price tag are usually the best. But Esmeralda was the one which really suits my need and, ehemmm… bank account. It was a great deal actually. The price was about Rm4k+ and I managed to grab it while it is still on sale for half than the price actual price.

A lot of projects can be done by Esmeralda but my initial intention was of course, for my bags business. But, we (me & Esmeralda) havent start any project with bags yet, but soon ya.. Soon..

We are still in the ‘get-to-know’ phase, where I started with small projects like :

Tried out all the fancy stitches that I never had.

Mr. Alligator!

Tried simple embroidery.

The not so simple embroidery.

Then, I started to build up my self confidence in embroidery and tried..

Towel embroidery!

Hebat tak hebat tak?

Sebenarnya tidak because, ehem.. Esmeralda is computerised. Just plug in a thumbdrive with the design of your choice. Choose your desired design on the TOUCH SCREEN display panel & push the start button. The rest will be done by Esmeralda, except for changing out the thread.

We had fun stitching beautiful free design from the internet together.

Another one of my favourite,


Cant wait for my offdays! Mau sulam banyak2 lagi 🙂

Birthday & Wedding Annivessary

March ja the month of My birthday and Our Wedding Annivessary.

Enchek Kedek, as usual, to keep the tradition on, asked me to list out what I want for this year. Since that I just bought an embroidery machine (will blog about it soon), I cant think of any present that I want.

And I suddenly remembered…

Dear Enchek Kedek.. For this year, I want this!



Your loving wife,