Midnight movie & midday movies(???)

Offdays kami baru-baru ini ialah untuk meng-catch up movie baru dan movie yang hampir terlepas. GSC baru buka di Miri. Tapi bukan mcm GSC di KK tu.

Miri punya di panggil GSC Lite. Kalau mau full, beli di apps store :p. (its a joke in case you didnt get it)

Mula-mula tengok midnight movie. Action movie.


Then tengok Hansel & Gretel. I watched it already when I went back to KK for the Away Day. Tapi sebab Enchek Kedek belum tengok, saya tengok lagi, in 3D. Di KK hari tu teda 3D. Oh.. Ini lah movie tengahari kami.


Lepas 2 movie ni, saya start susah hati sebab bag orang belum siap

Away Day

Last week, I went back to KK alone for work. It was the M1 Away Day, where we’ll be away from work, but still discussing on work. Huh?

Anyway, here are a few pictures to share.








It was a 3 days activity, which I am not gonna share it here due to P&C and im afraid that you might get bored reading it. Hehe.

We stayed at Le Meridien and had dinner feast for 3 conservative days and I gained 2 kgs… Huhuhu.. But managed to get rid off 1Kg already 🙂

M1 used to be my ‘home, away from home’ so I know most of them there and I somehow missed the moments when I was still there. But, going back to offshore? No thank you.. Hehe

So that was it, my 4 days without Ariana. I missed her so much that I bought a lot of clothes for her because she’s been on my head the whole time.