Hello 2013!

Even though I am far too late, but I still want to wish everybody a Happy New Year!

And to continue the tradition that I started 3 years ago, here is my highlights of 2012. I cant really remember everything, but I sure did a few entries of the events in my life in my humble blog.

  • Ariana started pre-school and she did well. No crying. More like her Papa, according to Enchek Kedek. But she did cried once when I came a little later than others. That part really reminds me of ‘somebody’. hehe
  • Enchek Kedek and I started our healthy lifestyle. Bought a treadmill and practice healthy eating by growing our own vegetables 🙂
  • My handmade bags business, Maisara Marie showing a good sign + good income. The only that I am lack of is TIME.
  • Improved my time management skills in between family, work, house, extra attention to Ariana, super extra attention to Enchek Kedek and whats left behind is for sewing.
  • Struggling for a work life balance. This is subjective.
  • Started gardening despite the ke-geli-an with slimy cacings. I love blooming flowers!
  • Work life are still as usual. No changes. No intention of elaborating it.
  • The closing for year 2012 was our car was stolen, and the thief almost manage to get into our house when all of us fast asleep.

For year 2013, I will:

  • Work hard
  • Discipline
  • Struggle
  • Fight (using a baseball bat if I have too ) <- metaphor

Welcome 2013 🙂