My New Toy :)

So the title says it all.. 🙂


This came in the mail last week, when I was already anxiously waiting for it.


We ordered it from applestore online, so that we can get the engraving, and yes, its free 🙂


The Hello Kitty Ipad Mini Case that I bought a week earlier because the shopkeeper kind of treatening me by saying, “saya tidak tau lah kalau ini colour masih available by the time u punya ipad sampi”. Demmm.. Terus beli!


And see, how cute the mini ipad is!

All the features of the ipad mini are still the same as Ipad 3, only the size is FUN-er & lighter.

And because of this, I ordered an ipad-like learning toy for Ariana so that she wont rebut with me 🙂


Vtech Innotab 2, that features a motion game, learning activity, big memory capacity & external SDcard memory slot to put in music & movies annndddddd a 360 rotating camera. Dasyat mainan budak sekarang. Purchased it online from UK Amazon, brought back to Malaysia by Enchek Kedek’s cousin and I saved about RM200 from buying it locally. Hehehe.

YES.. I am that SMART in spending money 🙂

Melissa Satchel

My latest spontaneous handmade bag… Hehehe



I hope these 2 pictures able to tell you thousands of stories.. Hehe..

Made of a combination of cotton and PVC, and antique finishing for the clasp to make it look more vintage-ish (and of course, the Instagram filter -_-“)

Selling at RM145. Add up RM20 to make it water proof.

Go to my fb page for details and order 🙂

Talking Ariana

Simple conversation between me & Ariana yesterday, on our way back home from school..

Mommy : Oh mannn…. (Traffic jam)
Ariana : Why mommy?
Mommy : Too many cars…
Ariana : Where?
Mommy : Thereee.. In front of us..
Ariana : Oh nooo… Ne ne ne ne house… Ne ne ne ne sleep..

I assumed, she wanted to be back home quick because she wanted to sleep.

As soon as we arrived home, she went straight to our bedroom sambil giving me instruction , ‘Mommy.. Mickey mouse inukkk..’ (Inuk is blanket in Melanau). -_-”


Hello 2013!

Even though I am far too late, but I still want to wish everybody a Happy New Year!

And to continue the tradition that I started 3 years ago, here is my highlights of 2012. I cant really remember everything, but I sure did a few entries of the events in my life in my humble blog.

  • Ariana started pre-school and she did well. No crying. More like her Papa, according to Enchek Kedek. But she did cried once when I came a little later than others. That part really reminds me of ‘somebody’. hehe
  • Enchek Kedek and I started our healthy lifestyle. Bought a treadmill and practice healthy eating by growing our own vegetables 🙂
  • My handmade bags business, Maisara Marie showing a good sign + good income. The only that I am lack of is TIME.
  • Improved my time management skills in between family, work, house, extra attention to Ariana, super extra attention to Enchek Kedek and whats left behind is for sewing.
  • Struggling for a work life balance. This is subjective.
  • Started gardening despite the ke-geli-an with slimy cacings. I love blooming flowers!
  • Work life are still as usual. No changes. No intention of elaborating it.
  • The closing for year 2012 was our car was stolen, and the thief almost manage to get into our house when all of us fast asleep.

For year 2013, I will:

  • Work hard
  • Discipline
  • Struggle
  • Fight (using a baseball bat if I have too ) <- metaphor

Welcome 2013 🙂

Choo Choo Train

When we went back to KK, myself and Ariana are not prepared for our themed colour for the family gathering. So a quick shopping was done on the 25th Dec at 1B and thank you for the SALE at Cotton On Kids!

Anyway, there were Christmas Choo-Choo Train, inside 1B driving passenger around at level 1. Ariana, who was a huge fan of choo-choo train insisted for a ride on it. But we were already inside Cotton kids. I force her to choose her outfit first, which of course, she refused.

I took 1 yellow blouse and asked her whether it is ‘cantik’ or not while holding that little girl’s arm who was at that time struggling to chase the choo-choo train. She shouted ‘Nooo!!!’

Not wanting to create a scene in there, I made a deal with her.

Mommy give you 3 choo-choo trains but we have to buy baju for you first, ok?

Her eyes shines as she saw my 3 fingers and said ‘OK!’

So, is this blouse ‘cantik’? Showing her the same yelow blouse that I held earlier.

She smiled. Her eyes shining. ‘Channntiiikkk!!!’

And we’re done 🙂

Oh.. The choo-choo train ride..

…and when I asked her to show me her happy face..

This is her happy face -_-“