Bintulu trip

I was away for a business trip to Bintulu last offdays for a sharing session with the gas customers.

It was mainly a sharing session between Kerang & Cari Gali on what everybody are doing (in term of work) and also Q&A session. I myself managed to obtained knowledge from the gas customers through this sharing session. It was indeed a great way for us to actually know the ‘what’, ‘where’, ‘how’ and ‘why’.

Apart from that, I finally step my foot on Bintulu again after 1 year and realized how much I miss Bintulu! My favourite saloon was still there. I only didnt get to eat my favourite mee jawa. But, we are planning to go back to Sibu this coming offdays, and definately this time, will stop at that mee jawa restaurant 🙂

Oh ya. We stayed at New World Suite and Ariana got too excited with the reachable lights switch, and we were like in a club, only without our apple bottom jeans & boots with fur :p




The Sally Swingpack

I have a new product at Maisara Marie Handmade Bags, which suda berkali-kali published at my wall, but only this time saya kasi UP special entry for it. Hehehe

The Sally Swingpack
Material : Designer/US cotton
Measurement & Price:
Size A : 8″ x 8″ x 2.5″ RM120
Size B : 10″ x 10″ x 3″ RM150
Comes with adjustable strap, leather magnetic button for closure at the flap, inner pocket, outer zipped pocket and yummylicious fabrics to choose from 🙂




Choosing the right kindergarten

In choosing the right kindergarten for your child, you must know what you want.

What are the criterias that you want?

What are your main concerns?

I enrolled Ariana to the same kindergarten again next year. When choosing her current kindergarten last year, I didnt do many surveys. A friend told me about her friend’s daughter who went to that kindergarten and how well her progression was. I contacted the headmistress, and went to that particular kindergarten for survey and I immediately enrolled Ariana there.

I would like to share some of the basic infos that I know should be considered when doing surveys on any kindergarten.

1. Cleanliness. You cant avoid every virus & bacteria in the world, but the least you can do is to inspect the cleanliness of the kindergarten and how they practice it on students like washing hands before and after meal. Ask the teachers whether they help them to wash and change their diaper and how frequent.

2. Location. From my view, the best location for a kindergarten to be are the one that is not too near to the main road.

3. School session, based on your concern. I prefer 1 session, preferably morning, because Ariana always have her afternoon nap and I dont want to be child-less when Im on my offdays :P. For full time working parents, you can consider for 2 session.

4. Always consider how many teachers & students per class.

5. Foods. Do they provide foods for break? Sells junk food? Or do we parents have to ‘tapau’ from home? It is better for us to prepare their food from home and you mommies should know why, and junk foods are a BIG NO NO. Ocassionally boleh lah, but 5 days a week?

6. Method of teaching and activities at school. This can be done by visiting their official website or blog or go to the kindergarten for clearer explaination from the teachers.

7. Know what you want for your child.

These are all that I can think of now. Any mommies have any more suggestion to add? Please share 🙂

Eventually, you will find positive & negative thoughts and expressions from any school. Then it is your part on how to react/respond to it 🙂


Bag Updates

I am going to make this type of entry as a routine after my 4 days off 🙂


So on my previous offdays, I have been working on 4 bags.

Bag number 1,

The Bubblegum Hobo Bag in BLACK ordered by my colleague back in Bintulu. Thank you Hajar 🙂

Bag number 2,

Tote bag, ordered by Sofia for her mother’s birthday. She requested me to write a birthday wish, so I made a card 🙂


Bag number 3,

Evangeline 2nd bag. The first one was the Owl Sally Swingpack.

Bag number 4,

This is MINE! :p

My recent offdays was filled with,


I’m sorry Enchek Kedek. I was way behind schedule due to the fever combo that attacked me. Just 5 bags, and Im back on track 🙂

Mother & Daughter matching oil cloth tote ordered by Azlina.

The Sally Swingpack ordered by Sis Linda & Sis Evangeline.

There’s another bag, ordered by Fiona Fabian. I remembered taking picture of it, but I cant find it anywhere in my photo album.

So that was it. 🙂

PS : If only by sewing 1 bag can burn 500 calories T_T

School Holidays!

Yesterday was the last day of school for this semester. She will be in Junior 1 class next year 🙂

Last Thursday was a Deepavali celebration at Ariana’s kindy. There were asked to wear Indian costume and to bring Indian food to school for breakfast.

I googled for ‘Indian Costume’ because I wanted to sew on my own. First attempt googling failed because the result that I got was:

Nice one Mr. Google -_-”

So initially, I wanted to make a saree for Ariana, but after a lot of thinking, I decided to make a punjabi instead.

I used the Avita dress pattern, make it longer, nice easy pants, my georgette shawl and a blue start foam sticker on her forehead 🙂



After school,

She maintained her blue star sticker 🙂

Then on Friday, their last day at school, was The Games Day.


…and a small party. Teacher requested parents to bring foods (pot luck) and mine was Nasi Goreng.

So that was it, her last day at school for this year. They will be on school holiday for 1 month plus. Her class teacher handed me Ariana’s art work, and me and Enchek Kedek had gone through all her work. To be blog soon.. 🙂

The monsters in me

When I first started sewing, I thought there will only be sewing machines, threads, needles & fabrics involved. Little that I know, I have created a monster deep inside me  Cry

1. The Sewing Machine Monster

First, it was only my Singer Tradition portable sewing machine. Then, I need a serging machine. Enchek Kedek agreed, and I bought one.

Then, I started sewing bags and my portable Singer cant handle the think material, so I bought a Singer industrial machine.

I thought that was all, until I found out about embroidery machine and straight away falls for it. After surveys and Google-ing, hands down on Janome MC350E. By the way, its Tujuh Ribu, Lima Ratus, Sembilan Puluh Lapan Ringgit Sahaja, sambil saya pengsan bersahaja  Cry

But that was not all. I tried asking my friend, who is a dealer for Bernina sewing machines. She suggested Bernina B580 which cost *drumrolls* Sembilan Belas Ribu Ringgit sambil pengsan beberapa kali.

I am in the middle of recovering myself, slowly, to erase my interest in embroidery machines. Sigh. But Enchek Kedek said that I can have that Janome, ONE DAY, EVENTUALLY, but DEFINITELY NOT NOW. So at least I have his permission to start menabung.

2. The Fabric Monster

I started off with buying cheap cottons (RM4/meter). Then, I tried looking for nicer cottons online. I accidently expanded my search range and found designers cotton. Talking about Dunia Tanpa Sempadan.

Enchek Kedek taught me how to shop online using credit card internationally, and I say, HELLO ETSY! I became a fabricworm. From 1 container of fabrics, to many-many containers of fabrics. In fact, I still have fabrics on top of my table, waiting for me to buy new containers to put them in to  Happy-Grin


3. The Pattern Monster

I need patterns to refer to when sewing, Im a self taught ‘tukang jahit’ and I refer to my notes everytime. PDF patterns are now easy. Just one click away, and cheap too. I bought too MANY patterns. Tidak menang tangan menjahit!

As of now, these are the only monsters that I have inside me. And I am glad that Enchek Kedek is very understanding, strong-hearted, patient & support my monsters hobby  Happy-Grin


My Rotary Cutter

Something came in the mail today.. 🙂

My new Fiskars Titanium Rotary Cutter!

*bunyi cengkerik

Okay.. Rotary cutter is a cutter (duh sheilaaaa…), which I used to cut fabrics, oil cloth, pvc, the mail plastic (when I get over excited with any new mail & couldnt find any scissors). Hehe

My first ever rotary cutter was a 45mm Olfa Rotary cutter. Used it for a few times, not satisfied with it, and bought my 2nd one, a no-name cutter, which I found was missing from its usual location (my sewing chamber) after I got back from KK. So I used my first one again, until, terdetik di hati untuk reward myself with a new improved (improved sebab Titanium kunun) rotary cutter.

It was a pre-order item. Together with it, I bought:

Flower pins, point turned & a cutting matt cleaner.

And for every purchase above RM-I-am-not-gonna-say-it-here-because-Enchek-Kedek-reads-my-blog, I am entitled to get a free embroidery aka small scissor 🙂


So yes, that 3 items (pins, point turner & matt cleaner) hanya sekadar utk mencukupkan my purchase so that I can get that free cute scissor. Muahahahaha.. Err..

The postman came a bit late today, @ 1830hrs. Lebih kurang lah. Kesian jugak seeing them have to work until that late. Sudah lah Miri ni cepat gelap, Mahgrib pun awal, tapi para posmen poslaju masih lagi memegang prinsip ‘Di Jamin Sampai Esok’.

Anyway, thank you Poslaju for the effort 🙂


1. These few days, Miri selalu hujan. Yesterday I was a bit terrified reading FB statuses of friends who said that ‘air sudah naik’. Syukur alhamdullilah, our area hujan sikit seja 🙂

2. Few days ago, sedang menjahit tali bag untuk customer, suddenly jarum mesin patah & serpihan-serpihan kecil tapi tajam telah menusuk ke ibu jari. Sakit and tidak dapat kasi keluar 🙁


3. Supposed to continue with bag making tapi put on hold sebab jari injured.

4. Boss sms me tadi petang, asking whether I requested a laptop from the IT department, which I dont. Tadi masuk office, immediately check my email. Rupanya ada orang request laptop on behalf of me. Tapi looks like he salah orang. Maybe he meant to request for somebody else, tapi ter-request for me. I dont know how that is possible, tapi, apa yang saya tau, saya tidak kenal pun itu orang.

5. I have new upcoming project. Will reveal it soon. Maybe end of this month 🙂

6. I spent most of my time surveying for a GOOD embroidery machine. Will blog about my findings soon.

7. This week will be the last week of school. So, Ariana pun akan bercuti panjang. Next year January baru buka sekolah 🙂

8. There will be Deepavali celebration at Ariana’s school this week. Im making a look-a-like Saree for her 🙂

9. Last month maswings ada offer tiket murah sempena their 5th annivessary. So I bought a ticket for me & Ariana to go back to KK on Christmas. Ngam2 this year our family punya turn to host the family gathering, so I dont want to miss it!!!

10. My sister in law is expecting. New family member next year InsyAllah 🙂