Skirt Project

I wanted to sew skirts for Ariana because she always perasan that she’s a princess when wearing one.. Hehehe

So I made 2 yesterday.

This is the 30-mins skirt. Because it only took me about 30 mins to sew it. I used soft denim with flower embroidery & 1 strip from my jelly roll for the bottom part of the skirt. Ariana was not very happy when I took her picture because she was in the middle of doing something. Busy kan -_-”

Twirly skirt! I used designer cotton, which I forgot the name -_-” and laces. I love laces! This time I tricked Ariana by asking her to get my phone on that table. Heehhe.

Ok. That’s it. Tonight I am going to cut out materials for this month’s bag order.

PS: I dont have a lot of customers, but a lot of returned customers :). I am so glad that they trusted me 🙂