Ariana & Spider

Ariana takut spider.. Hihihi

This morning, there was a big spider at the living room..

Showed it to Ariana & she screamed & decided to hide behind the sofa -_-”

Baru lepas mandi. Usually pakai baju depan tv sambil tengok cartoon. Tapi this morning, pakai baju belakang sofa.. Heeheh

Then I took a ridsect and kill kill die die the spider. Punya Ariana teriak.

Ariana : No mommy *mumbling* dont touch *mumbling* spider bite *mumbling* akitttt..

Then we sent her off to school and went to Tabung Haji to bank in Ariana’s duit tabung.. The pen that I used there was leaking and I have blue ink on my 3 fingers.

At home after school Ariana saw my fingers and said,

‘See.. Spider bite akitt.. Dont touch.. ‘


Btw, this is the mentioned spider..


Iphone apps

When Im bored, I started to browse around the app store, downloading free apps and sometimes i BOUGHT apps using Enchek Kedek’s credit card.. Hehe

So yesterday, I was bored..
Started browsing the app store..
Found 1 good apps and it’s free!
But because it was too good, but free, there are limitations.. Need to purchase to get their full function..
….. $2.99 seja bah :p

This is the app..

…and this was my first work using this app!


…and this is my second work!


I told you I was bored… :p

DIY : Ariana’s Sandbox

Planned to do this since last month, but only managed to do it few days ago.


I used :

1. Ariana’s pool, which is too small for her already.

2. Sand!

About the sand, at first I wanted to just buy a few bags of sand from the store, tapi Enchek Kedek asked me to take it from the beach near our neighbourhood instead. BUT, we got this sand from Wan. Leftover sand from his house renovation 🙂




Hidupan-hidupan pasir made by Enchek Kedek..


Errr.. Under construction?