Kedai Jam

Jam Enchek Kedek yang putus tali nya last year…dan baru hari ni kuat semangat walaupun jam teruk di jalan masuk tiap shopping mall. Fuh fuh fuh. Orang Brunei start shopping di Miri suda.


Tadi pegi Boulevard, cari kedai jam mau sambung tali jam ni. Pin yang kecil utk connect tali tu bah, diorang jual RM10! Bila Enchek Kedek tanya kenapa mahal? Amoi tu jawab sebab dia mau cari lagi pin mana yang match dengan tali jam tu -_-“.

So Enchek Kedek refused. Then kami pegi Imperial Mall. Saya tunggu dalam kereta parking tepi jalan secara haram. Enchek Kedek balik ke kereta senyum2. Sudah pakai jam. Tauke tu charged RM4 sahaja.

Jadi, lain kali pegi Imperial Mall ja.

Sekian -_-“

My Fitness Pal

Assalamualaikum & Selamat Pagi 🙂

Have you had your nasi lemak today? If no, DONT! Hehehe

Recently, my baby sister introduced me to this one iphone apps (which, Im not sure whether it is also available for Android, BB etc)

Presenting….. My Fitness Pal!


It is an apps which allowed you to monitor your calorie intake!

Here’s how.

First, they will forced you to exposed your real weight!!! Hahaha. Ok. Serious. You need to fill in your details and also your goal weight. By that, the apps will estimate the total calorie that you should take in a day.

For my case, total of 1200 cal per day. Click on the ‘add diary’ button, and it will lead you to,

…this section. You can update your daily food intake by filling in your breakfast, lunch, dinner etc, cardiovascular (if you perform any workout that day) etc.
Pandai2 lah isi 🙂

This is how your drop down menu for food selection look like.



And here’s a sneak peak of how much calorie you gained if you had Laksa Sarawak for breakfast. Be prepared.

Same goes to roti canai & cheesy wedges (based on my own experience huhu). Whenever I almost exceed the 1200 cal goal per day, I hop on to Rebecca and start work out for 30 mins.

This is my graph for this week. I just started this week.

Before this, I only fill in my calorie diary AFTER meal. Now, I took the inisiative to check my potential breakfast, lunch,dinner & snacks total calorie BEFORE I took the meal. But I learned it the hard way though. After 5 days of menyesal, baru start monitor :p

So, this is the other method that you can use besides consuming the commercial weight loose supplement/shakes. It is very easy to use! As easy as driving to McD drivethrough!

Personally, I really like this apps. Now I know exactly what to eat and what not. Oh and did I tell you that my sister used this apps and loose 6 pounds already?

Yes, hurry. Go to the apps store now. And dont forget to add me, Binikedek :).

Last but not least, this apps is FREE!