Ariana’s Kurungs

I just saved RM237 from buying kurungs for Ariana. Referring to my previous entry, 1 kurung RM79 T_T




She refused to model for the 3rd kurung.

All kurung were a bit bigger for her size because, Im a greedy mommy. Hehe. The 2 blue kurung were made of designer cotton (RM40+ per yard), and it would be a waste if I made ngam-ngam her size because kids grow! Her last year punya kurung, boleh jadi skirt paras bawah lutut suda -_-“. Sayang seja.

Anway, baju kami x sedondon this year. Kasi can Ariana pakai kids kurung sebab, kalau ikut mommy, memanjang ja English Rose nya :p

So, in 2 days, I made 3 kurungs. My greatest achievement soo far for my 4-days off project.

And yes, my confident level boosted up after the 3 kurungs. Maybe next time, my own kurung lagi kan? 😉