Sebelum terlewat. Takut tidak sempat.

Lebih kurang 2 minggu yang lepas, saya mimpi Hari Kiamat. Ok lah. Maybe banyak terpengaruh dengan movie-movie orang putih seperti yang Cinoi cakap. Tapi, ini first time saya mimpi begitu dan saya amat takut.

Mimpi bermula dengan sebuah pedang yang sangat besar (giant size) terbakar/berapi tertusuk atas muka bumi. Handle pedang tu tingginya sampai langit. Then, fireballs macam hujan. Besar-besar lagi. Dalam mimpi itu, hati saya cakap dunia sudah mau kiamat.

Then saya teringat yang saya belum solat Isyak. Cepat-cepat saya mau pegi solat. Tapi, macam-macam halangan. Terbatal air sembahyang lah. Terganggu time sembahyang lah. Semuanya tidak kena dan betul2 saya tidak dapat solat. Time tu saya fikir lagi untuk solat taubat. Tapi, pun banyak halangan untuk saya solat.

Kemudian, saya terbangun dari tidur, just in time for Subuh dan terdengar suara mengaji dari masjid Lutong.

Sepanjang hari saya fikir pasal mimpi saya tu. Saya ni jenis walaupun sedang free (tiada buat apa-apa), tapi selalu melambatkan solat Isyak. Yes. Isyak seja. Selalunya, sebelum tidur baru saya solat. Kalau jam 2 pagi saya tidur, maka jam 2 pagi jugak lah saya Isyak.

We know our responsibility as Muslim, tapi sometimes/always we ignore it sebab we thought that someday somewhere eventually we will do/practice it tapi bukan dalam masa terdekat.

I always took my aurat for granted. Ala shawl lilit-lilit nampak dada, pakai baju yang warnanya jarang sedikit & most of all, wearing short sleeves. Things like that saya selalu fikir, nantilah…nantilah.. Tapi kalau tidak sempat sudah?

Saya tiada keratan hadis untuk di attach di sini, but Im sure you guys get/understanding what Im trying to say here kan?

Sebelum terlambat.. Manatau tidak sempat..

Mini Lollies Tote

This is another entry about ‘BAG’. I hope you guys are fine with it. Hehe. 3 bags entry in a row. 😛

These are what I was up to this whole day 🙂

The Mini Lollies Tote. Visit my FB Page Maisara Marie Handmade Bags for more details and pictures. (macamlah banyak gambar)

My simple bag

Last night I finally had the chance to make my own bag.


Pink, simple, non-adjustable strap & magnetic button for closure. Just the way I want it to be :).

Btw, I used orange coloured thread & I love it.


And I used rivets instead of stiching it.

So there you are. My simple bag. 🙂

My Bubblegum Hobo bag

My Bubblegum Hobo Bag was released on the 28th Dec. Refer here. And I reached the 10th bag sewn by me after 1 month, which for me was a pretty good achievement since that I just started.

Salmon Pink Bubblegum ordered by Cinoi & Mellona.

Mustard Yellow ordered by Ica, Keyya & Asnida.

Salmon Pink + Purple ordered by Kak Nibung.

Salmon Pink + Camel Brown ordered by Lisa. Colour combination idea by Lisa.

Salmon Pink + White ordered by Joanne. Colour combination idea by Joanne.

Black ordered by Dewi.

Mustard Yellow + Camel brown ordered by Kak Nibung (2nd order). Colour combination by Kak Nibung.

Thank you all for the ‘Likes’ on FB, the comments, supports and of course, orders. And also thank you for the feedback for me to improve on the bag. I appreciate it all.

How I spent my day today

I started preparing for Ariana’s bekal at 6 am. Nasi goreng seja. Send her to kindy at 7.45 am.



At 8.30 am, my appointment with tukang urut. Tukang urut ya, bukan macam spa tu. I never went for any traditional urut after I had Ariana. So tadi was my first time. As soon as makcik tu urut-urut my ubun-ubun, bermulalah sesi sendawa dengan kuat dan teruk. At times I can hear the makcik mengeluh/marah terhadap kuantiti angin di badan saya yang dia sendawakan. Hehehe.

After that, i went home dengan badan uang berminyak2. Sebab nda bolehandi terus, maka saya pun menyiapkan bag orang.


This is actually my 10th bubblegum hobo bag. We’ll talk about this later in other entry. Yes. I am that excited that is why I need one dedicated entry for it. Hehe

Lepas tu baru mandi & ambil Ariana at kindy.

Kami meneruskan perjalanan sampai ke Singer dan tadi ialah merupakan my last payment for my industrial machine. I bought it on 6-months loan. So, starting from next month, I will have extra rm350 lah every month. Hehehe.


Oh. Dekat Singer tu ada Toys World. Ariana tarik tangan saya ke sana. Kami pegi sekejap. Tiada beli toys. Beli puting botol susu Ariana ja. Tapi balik dalam keadaan menangis sebab last-last minute baru jumpa mainan Mickey dan Ariana tidak sempat main.

Untuk memujuk, kami singgah drive through McD dan beli sundae ^_^

…and we went home, with style..


Shades Barbie baru beli di Toys World. Pilu hati saya Wayfearer saya dan Enchek Kedek di kerjakan oleh Ariana tiap kali mata dia silau -_-”

That was only half of the day. The other half saya dan Ariana tidurrrrr.. So ini malam, mata saya segar. Thinking of sewing dress for Ariana. Nda dapat jugak kasi siap bag orang sebab material belum sampai.

Ariana’s ring

Hari tu Ariana ada ikut sekali time saya beli cincin d kk. Ariana cakap cincin mommy cantik :p. Dan sejak itu jugak, dia selalu tarik tangan saya dan pegang2 cincin tu sambil cakap ‘cantikkkk…’.

So last night time kami baring-baring, Ariana tarik lagi tangan saya & puji2 cincin. So saya buka lah cincin tu kasi dia pakai. Muka Ariana time tu, punyaaaaaa lah gembira. Senyuman sampai ke telinga. Rupa-rupanya betul-betul dia admire dengan cincin tu -_-“.
Terus dia nampak gelang saya, mau minta pakai lagi.

So tadi lepas hantar Enchek Kedek, saya dan Ariana singgah Bintang Mall untuk pegi Toys’r’us dan beli ini…


Actually saya beli 1 set. 1 set tu ada 4 rantai, 4 gelang dan 4 cincin. Harga pun nda sampai RM10.


Begini lah ni kan kalau anak perempuan. Nasib saya ni nda ber-make-up. Tiada role model untuk Ariana. Tapi budak tu pandai mintak pakai perfume lepas mandi -_-”

Ok lah. Ada budak sibuk-sibuk tarik tangan saya suruh buka gelang suda. Dia mau pakai gelang saya T_T

Ariana’s CNY celebration at kindy

….which I totally forgot to blog!!!

Ok lah. The celebration took place on last Friday. Parents were already informed a week earlier to let their child to come to kindy wearing chinese taditional costume or anything red, packed their lunch with noodles and mandarin oranges.

I bought a red cheongsam fabric from our local store, thinking that I should at least sew it myself. But, we (me & Enchek Kedek) found a red cheongsam sold at Giant. So I made the decision to just buy it. After all, it only cost me RM9.88. Yes you heard me right. It is that cheap and the quality are as expected.

I was in a hurry on that Friday because there a lot of work at the office, while I dont want Ariana to miss the CNY celebration. We did arrived late though. School starts at 8, we arrived in style at 8.30. All kids are already gather in the assembly. I think Ariana missed the lagu NegaraKu and Sarawak Tanah Airku. And the tootbrush song too.


Ariana practising the cny song? Ehehe


The thing that she was holding was her handkerchief. Bukan limau mandarin. Pakai cheongsam, terus keluar muka cina nya. Masih kuat darah foochow from her moyang side @ Sibu.

I took few pictures only, then back to the office. As soon as the clock strikes 11, Im off to the kindy again.


Dan sememangnya this cheongsam wont last long. Actually, this is the biggest size that we found that day. Hehe.

As soon as we reached home, Ariana the hungry kid took a container of sago and directly opened it and makan. Tiada kesabaran langsung. Mil took it and transfer it to a bowl and gave it to her.

Hi. Ni hao? My name is Chun Li and I like to eat sago (sambil buat tendangan helikopter…… Street fighter bah….)

Work life balance?

Finally, I decided to update my blog again.

I has been a loooooooooonnnngggg week I might say.

Started off with my daily routine i.e sending Ariana to kindy. Nowadays, it is getting easier to send her off to kindy. Before this, she cried really hard as soon as I parked in front of the gate. But now, even by seeing the roof of the kindy, she already said, “dah..dah..dah…” while trying to get herself out of the seatbelt. So I just dropped her off and back to the office.


Since that it is still early of the year, a lot of task and target need to be done at work. So we are pretty much busy lately. I dont want to be out of the office for too long since that there are only the 2 or us working/standby in the control room.

About Maisara Marie, Alhamdullillah my tiny business of handmade bags are showing some improvement. I spend my time sewing during Ariana at kindy and at night. And I really hope I can finish up all orders this coming offdays T_T



Despite of the so-called-busy-me, I still spend time with Enchek Kedek. Went out for movies… Dating… 🙂

Ok lah. Im out to rest. Today was indeed a very super busy day. Platform trip here and there. Bosses shouting here and there. T_T