Blankie for baby

Ini ialah kain kecil lebihan saya jahit-jahit dulu yang Ariana ‘jumpa’ dan di jadikan selimut untuk si ‘baby’. Kain ni kecik ja.. Nda cukup pun cover si baby.

Semalam time tengok tv, Ariana kasi selimut baby, tertutup kepala seja. Terus dia buat aksi kesejukkan. -__-”

Yalah. Mommy pun bangun, masuk bilik menjahit dan mula memotong kain lebihan baju Ariana & bikinkan si baby selimut.


Sekarang baby tasejuk lagi. Selimut seimple ja. Teda saya rajin mo pigi buat patchwork blanket untuk si baby.

Macam si baby ni too big for her bed kan?

Tapi baby ini? Kesemangatan mommy nampak. nasib nda roboh katil si baby.

PS : Katil baby dapat menampung berat sehingga 13kg.

Supergirl Ariana

Kita bual-bual kejap ah..

Kemarin bah, saya masih offday. Tapi jam 1.30 tu ada team meeting and compulsory. So saya pegi lah. Saya kunci pintu kayu, tapi pintu di tahan oleh mil sebab dia mau keluar atur-atur kain jemuran. Di takdirkan pulak kuat angin dan pintu yang masih di tekan kunci d tombolnya di tutup angin. Tinggallah Ariana di dalan rumah keseorangan, dan mil di luar rumah keseorangan.

Time tu saya sudah jalan. Mil cakap, dia nampak bontot kereta seja berlalu pergi. Mau keluar gate nda dapat sebab gate auto. Mau pakai renote baru bukak. Mau nda mau, mil pun memanggil-manggil Ariana dari tingkap.

Budak kecik ni pulak, ketawa-ketawa nenek nya bercakap dengan dia dari tingkap. Sebab mil pun selalu main dengan dia dari tingkap begitu. Jadi memang patutlah budak tu ketawa. Hehehe.

Mum in law suruh Ariana pegi dapur & tunjuk kunci rumah suruh bagi dengan mil. Tapi Ariana pandai hilang focus. Lain kita tunjuk, lain yang dia focus. So mil ikat 2 batang penyapu punya kayu (supaya panjang) dan menunjuk tempat kunci tu. Alhamdulillah Ariana faham dan dia ambil kunci tu & bagi dengan mil dari tingkap.

Kebetulan time tu mil sedang masak rendang (which requires periuk atas dapur lama-lama supaya daging hancur2 sikit) dan sedang isi air minum jugak. Sebab source of gas & water adalah dari luar rumah (gas bawah tanah), semua mum in law tutup dari luar.

Berbalik kepada kunci rumah. Set kunci yang mil pegang, tiada kunci pintu kayu tu. Dang! So mil bukak gate, ambil serkup tudung yang berjemuran di luar dan pergi ke rumah jiran untuk mintak tolong call Enchek Kedek. Nasib ada orang di rumah hujung. So dia pun mintak abang dia tolong call Enchek Kedek dan Enchek Kedek call saya suruh balik rumah bukak pintu.

Meeting baru bermula time tu. Terpaksa tebalkan muka minta permission dari boss. Laju jugak saya drive sebab ingat Ariana sendiri di dalam rumah.

Sampai rumah mil ready suda untuk ambil kunci dari saya. Bila saya tanya mana Ariana, mil cakap, sedang bermain depan tv! Hehehe. Nasib jugak Ariana nda menangis.

Semua ni di ceritakan semula oleh mil selepas saya balik dari meeting. Saya rasa lucu sebab Ariana ketawak-ketawak di tingkap. Dan lucu jugak budak tu pandai ikut arahan untuk mengambil kunci.

Lesson learned. Semua set kunci mesti ada kunci pintu kayu. Sentiasa cek pintu sebab area rumah kami memang kuat angin. Last but not least, Ariana ialah hero kemarin. Kalau tidak, mungkin jam 3.30 baru mil dapat masuk rumah. Mungkin jugak, Ariana buat nenen sendiri sebab mil di luar rumah.

Growing up with Ariana

Hari tu Enchek Kedek brought home his friend’s Ipad to update latest IOS on it. After that, we let Ariana play with it with supervision.

Ariana looks like she is interested with the ipad, which leads me to say, ‘Bagus kita belikan Mai ipad kan..untuk dia main’ and Enchek Kedek said, ‘Iyaa..’.

Ok. Mengucap dulu. Tarik nafas dalam-dalam.

Am I out of my mind? Benda macam ipad tu bukan mainan for kids. So ya lah ada apps yang boleh bikin belajar-belajar. Tapi saya ada iphone, which can download the same apps. Nasib saya sedar awal.

I want Ariana to grow up playing with toys, not any gadget like ipad, htc, tablet or whatever you guys called it.

I bought toys that can help her to improve her motor skills, thinking skills and common sense. Since that she’s alone with her grandma at home, and all she does was watching tv, nenen & mamam, I thought that it is better for her to have something to play with.

She usually danced, moved and communicates with her favourite cartoon. When Dibo sings, she dance. When Minnie Mouse do the mouse-cercise, she do the wiggle-wiggle thingy and when the word world animals spell out words, she did try to pronounce the word, tapi of course tidak lurus lah. Hehe.

Move those muscles! I like the fact that Ariana is active. Her push car is her ‘transportation’ to move around the house. And sometimes she used it as a ladder for her to get things that cannot be reached by her. Yes. That is absolutely dangerous. I usually gave her the love-pinch whenever I caught her doing the stunt.

And just recently bought a complete set doll with her accessories for bathing & sleep time. She instantly knows what to do with her ‘baby’. She fed her, dressed her (mittens & booties) and apply lotion on her baby’s face -_-“. She seems like she’s ready to have adik kan? Hehe. Actually this is a new set of doll. The previous one, which Enchek Kedek doesnt really like because it looked like Chucky, was replaced by this new You & Me baby. I intended to get a Baby Alive but for a little girl, Baby Alive is too much work for them. Well, baby alive can drink & eat solid food (provided in the set) and can poo & pee as well! They have diapers, which needs to be changed, and the price of the diaper, if im not mistaken, is around RM24! So You & Me baby it is. In fact, I choose the one that looked like Ariana. Dark & short hair. Hehe. I spent about half an hour to decide which set to take. -__-”

Btw, since she is the legal baby-mama of this baby, she always fed her baby with nenen. Even when we are in a hurry of going out, she still sits there, meng-kasi nenen her baby. Like seriously, I already started the car engine. Biasanya dialah yang paling awal duduk mintak pakai shoes. But instead, dia buat muka tenang meng-kasi nenen baby nya. -___-”

Ariana amazed me today. We were passing by a toys stall at emart, then she started to point at a hula-hoop and start doing the gelek-gelek thing (the action you do when playing a hula-hoop)! She didnt demand for the hula-hoop. She just point at it and do the wigle-wigle move. I never thought her or even showed her a hula-hoop and how to play with it before. Must be the TV. Jojo Circus to be exact, because she’s a clown. Since that I was still amazed, I asked her whether she want it? She noded her head, and there she was doing the hula-hoop thingy while waiting for her grandma buying vege. And again, she dont want to let go the hula-hoop, so mum in law sits with Ariana & the hula-hoop.

Alhamdulillah. Watching Ariana’s progression made me bersyukur. Doesnt matter whether she is a fast learner or not, as long as she keeps on learning & discover new things.

So I choose to not to gadget-ized (a word that I made up) my child. I did let Ariana play with my iphone once in a while, as long as she balanced it with other activities. Personally, it is much fun to see your child’s progression. Im not sure about gadget-child, but what I can conclude, at 10, they started to create an FB account, and you know how Fb is like nowadays.

PS : Still struggling  to potty train Ariana. I showed Ariana her baby doing the potty thingy. Guess what? Ariana poo-ed. Tapi dalam pampers. Next time mau kasi ready the potty.

*Entry poyo dari Mommy-Sheila. ;P

Surrendered myself to the Dentist!

Yesterday I went for dental check up at Bright Smile. Erm.. Kamu faham kah maksud menyerah diri ke dentist sebab sakit gigi yang melampau sudah? Begitulah keadaan saya.

In the room, dentist tanya gigi mana sakit. After analyzing and checking my teeth, sudah dapat di kenal pasti mana satu yang sakit. But since that this gigi kalau di cabut, bila saya senyum, akan ketara lah tidak ada gigi di situ, dannnn tahun ini seja sudah 2 kali saya cabut gigi. Umur 30 nanti pakai gigi pelsu pulak sudah.

So doctor mencadangkan for me to do root canal. He explained to me how the root canal is and also the total damage to my pocket. T_T. Just in case you all are wondering, the price for root canal surgery is RM500. Tapi ini private clinic. Mungkin ada beza harga dengan tempat lain.

After considering, I decided to go for root canal and my next appointment will be next week! For root canal surgery, lebih kurang have to go to the dentist 3 times. So the RM500 can be paid sikit by sikit within that 3 days appointment lah. Pheww!

Oh ya. I did asked the dentist to check all my tooth. Im just gonna be transparent here. I have 11 decayed tooth!!! ELEVEN!!! 9 needs filling (tampal), 1 wisdom tooth to be extract sebab suda tidak dapat di selamatkan dan nasib doctor cakap ‘Although it will be kinda hard to extract it, but definately wont involve any surgeries (like cutting & sew back your gums!) and another tooth for root canal surgery.

I want to repair back all my decayed tooth. All this while I had been neglecting my main asset for munching & yummy-ing my foods. The last time I heard the nurse said ‘Ok..gigi kau ok sudah semua’ was when I was still in primary school!

So during the first visit, the doctor filled 2 decayed tooth, which means another 7 filling to go! Actually, I think the tools that they used nowadays are not as pain full as last time. I didnt feel any pain except for my jaw for opening to wide for certain duration.

But I did laughed when I heard the sound of the saliva-sucker machine when it makes funny sucking sound on my inner cheek. Hehehe

Enchek Kedek, Etude and Ebay

Enchek Kedek is supportive when it comes to facial care. He doesnt really care if the price is overpriced, as long as it can do miracle to his loving wife’s skin. hehehe.

I started using SK2 in year 2009. It was Enchek Kedek who asked me, and support me in term of money (sikit-sikit lah) so that I can afford my very first bottle of SK2 Miracle Water.

After few years, I changed to Dermalogica, which also supported (in term of words) by Enchek Kedek. If it werent for his ‘ can buy’ phrase, I might not have bought that huge & expensive dermalogica facial wash.


During our last Penang trip, I bought the Etude House Be Clear facial set.

It was indeed a great choice because it suits my skin very well. Since that I am running out of stock, and Enchek Kedek is currently in Kuching for his test, so I asked him to buy one for me, after I found out that there’s a Etude House branch in The Spring.

At first I offered to mms him this picture, easy for him to look for it later, then he refused.

‘Yang e-tu-de tu kan? Yang warna pink & macam foam ja tu”

“Berapa harga tu?”

“Patutlah nyaman rasa pakai, mahal rupanya”

Baru tadi saya tau Enchek Kedek pakai facial wash saya jugak -___-”

Btw, he found the booth.

 But unfortunately, they do not have any of the Be Clear stocks there. Boohoo.

But Enchek Kedek was kind enough to choose other cleanser for me. Tehee. See. I told you. He is very supportive. Besides, I told him that E-tu-de (sebut satu-satu) is a korean product. Lepas tu kami sama-sama imagine kulit orang Korea. -___-”

These are the cleanser that he bought for me.

Peel so good is like a scrub. I requested for the Diamond but he bought the Natural because according to the sales asst, Diamond is for pimple and oily skin. So she suggested Natural for me. Enchek Kedek ikut saja.

And he bought that Vita-foam Mini. Untuk orang kerja malam & overtime Enchek Kedek bilang. According to the sales asst, vita foam is for those with somekind of dull face due to over work. Something like that lah. Jadi si Enchek Kedek pun ingat bininya yang selalu kena overtime, so he bought this. Besides, its mini, so I can bring it to work. He bought that on his own inisiative. Tiada paksaan dari pihak saya.

And the Aloha thing, not really sure. But its a free gift. I forgot to asked Enchek Kedek to mintak more free samples. I’ve got a lot of free samples from Etude House Queensbay Mall & Alamanda branch. Like I said, I insisted them to give me free samples. Which is good bah. Manatau ngam dan kena di hati, lain kali beli lagi.

About my Be Clear facial cleanser, I did some googling and ebay-ing and found somebody from Korea who sells it on Ebay. The normal price of the facial cleanser is around RM69. But on Ebay, kebetulan lah kan, another 12 hours before their 30% offer ends. So it will cost around Rm47. So I bought 2. You might be thinking of, ‘memang lah murah, tapi postage dari Korea to Malaysia?’. Postage free. But for Malaysia, they charge only $2 sebab jauh sikit. Besides, its Ebay. If the things tidak sampai, we can always ask for a refund. 🙂

But I still will hunt people to help me to buy the Be Clear. Etude KK sudah buka kan?


Its Sunday. From work, I stopped by to my most trusted restaurant that sells mee kolok. Mee kolok confirm nyaman! And it was one of Ariana’s favourite. Time saya makan, dia join makan. Few hours after that, mil lagi makan, and she joined again. Now we know where she got that extra kgs from, right? Hehe.

Then I went for my charging-up sleep. Woke up around 2pm. Selepas buat apa-apa yang patut, pegi ke rumah Baiy to send the 3-jam bag to her ipar, Dewi. I brought Ariana and mil along. Ariana played with Aryan (Baiy’s son) and Wisha (Dewi’s daughter).

Then we stopped by at a fruit stall. Saya suka pemandangan buah-buahan yang kalerfull itu. Mil bought banana. Ariana loves banana. As soon as mil put the bananas at the back seat, and get inside the car, Ariana went to the back seat to get 1 banana and asked mil to peel it for her. Macam tidak sabar sampai rumah -___-“.

At home. -___-”

After bath. Was soo energetic. Managed to pull/push the sofa. -___-“

Baby a.k.a Chucky.

Growing up with Ariana

Ariana menghamparkan shopping bag Ikea atas lantai dan di letaknya si ‘baby’ atas tu dan mula mem-bedakkan si baby?

Then, sedang saya sibuk bersiap-siap untuk pergi kerja, dengar suara Ariana marah si baby? Siap ikut skill kami lagi ‘’ dengan pergerakkan jari.

Enchek Kedek tidak berapa suka si baby ni sebab dia bilang macam si Chucky. -__-”

Tapi serupa memberi harapan untuk saya membeli Baby Alive tanpa kena marah. Ah ah ah (ketawa twitter)

Last-last Enchek Kedek offer untuk membelikan Ariana bear besar (besar dari Ariana kunun) sebab Enchek Kedek lebih prefer Ariana main dengan bear, sebab mengikut kajian, kanak-kanak cepat matang kalau bermain dengan anak patung. Tapi baguslah kan? Nanti kita belikan Ariana kitchen set, iron & ironing board set, sewing machine set (semua kanak-kanak punya), then by 30 years old, mommy relax sudah. Ariana take over Maisara Marie. hehehe. Eh.. Terlebih angan-angan.

Btw, saya kecil-kecil dulu ada patung macam ni, tapi besar. Saiznya mungkin kecik sikit dari Ariana. Besarkan? Tapi sebab akibat terlalu siok bermain, sampai terlupa, kenangan paling akhir saya ingat tentang patung itu ialah anjing menggonggong patung itu dan di bawa lari.

Kena marah mama.

Bag 3 hari

…sebab saya buat sikit-sikit sampailah jadi 3 hari baru siap, padahal, satu hari pun boleh (dengan usaha serta kecekalan).

Ini bag yang di order oleh Dewi. Pattern hampir serupa dengan CK saddle bag saya. Dan saya membuat bag ini dengan gembira sebab senang and the outcome memuaskan hati sanubari saya.

Cuma yang nda bestnya, kain ni warna hitam, so kalau tersalah jahit, dan bukak balik, sangat nampak kesan2 nya sebab backpiece untuk oil cloth ni warna putih. Jadi ada lah timbul2 warna putih di tempat bekas jahitan yang tersalah tu. But the mark will eventually menghilang jugak. Sebab ada jugak bag saya yang begitu.

Anywa, habis sudah tempahan bag saya. Boleh sudah try test pattern wallet. 🙂

Ariana’s visit to Toys World

Saya jarang bawak Ariana pegi kedai mainan. Kalau bawak pun, untuk saja-saja jalan ja. Bukan beli. Kalau mau beli, saya beli lain hari, time Ariana tiada. Saya biasakan diri untuk tidak beli mainan depan dia so that next time, hopefully, tiada scene menangis berteriak berguling-guling atas lantai kedai mintak beli mainan. Sebab, Ariana tidak mintak beli, dan saya direct bawak pegi counter. Buat masa ini, biarlah dia fikir yang mainan tiba-tiba ada dalam bonet kereta. Bukannya mommy yang bawak pegi counter dan bayar.

Actually, setakat ini berkesan jugak. Kalau pun dia terjumpa kedai mainan, dia pegi main ja mainan sana. Tidak menangis mintak beli. Belum lagi. Harap-harap tidak akan. Dia cuma menangis sebab kami bawak balik sebab belum puas main.

Anyway, semalam bawak dia pegi Toys world. Saya mau potty-train Ariana, so I need a potty. Yang biasa punya jual di kedai tu tiada detachable mangkuk. Jadi dengan badan potty tu sekali di terbalikkan untuk mencuci. So I bought the one with a detachable pot. Niat di hati mau beli Fisher-Price. Tapi tiada. Then jumpa First-year punya tapi potty nay tiada handle. Saya takut Ariana terbalik. Hehehe. Last-last jumpa yang brand biasa, ada handle, detachable pot dan less than RM100. Saya menyambar potty itu seperti pokok di sambar petir.

Time tu Ariana sibuk main toys Mickey Mouse. Tapi baby punya. Ariana big baby. Bukan itu lagi mainan dia.

Then kami pegi ke dolly punya section. Saya mau belikan Baby Alive tu bah. Tapi sebenarnya, saya yang minat dengan Baby Alive tu. Ariana just dont give a damn.

Out of all the toys yang ada di dunia mainan itu, she choose this…

A birthday hat dan tangkai untuk belon. Dia terus pakai, dan mula menghayun-hayunkan tangkai tu serupa seperti seorang wizard. Macam Hermione lah. Ehehe. Mau jugak. And it only cost me Rm1.10. Topi tidak dapat di bukak, tangkai tidak boleh di lepas dari tangan. Jadi bayar di kaunter macam begitu seja. Keluar dari Toys World berperasaan bangga dengan topi dan tangkai. Saya buka sebab mau pegi kedai roti. Sepanjang di kedai roti mata dia merah-merah menangis dalam diam mengenangkan topi dan tangkai tu. -___-”

Tapi ada jugak saya belikan dia toys. Sebab Baby Alive terlalu mahal, saya kasi beli yang murah seja dulu. Saya takut dia tidak berminat.


Kasi tidur baby. Di tepuk-tepuk lagi bahu baby tu.


Baby pun sabar ja kena isap kepala, pipi dan hidung. -___-”

So nama patung tu ‘baby’. Kalau tanya ‘Mana baby?’. Mula lah Ariana mencari di dalam kotak lah, di bawah kerusi lah. Lain kali mau ajar dia baby mesti baring atas sofa. ‘Baby” pun Ariana pandai sebut, tapi sambil buat muka mengolok ‘Baayybeeyy’..