Tips for those home-sick-ers

So you were transferred to 200km away from your husband & daughter which you were very close too. You think of them every day and really need to stop taking too much fats (specifically, SC Durian Cheese), but you cant think of anything else to do than eating to ease the home sickness. So here are few things that I thought might help a bit.

1. Wash your own clothes eventhough Encik Kerang subsidised you $ for laundry service. Use it to buy good detergent & softener.


I used Breeze, which suitable for in door drying and Downy, ‘Awak pakai minyak wangi apa hari ini?’


2. Magazines! Since that Enchek Kedek made 2 appointments for me on Wednesday to meet the representative from Home Design for curtain & kitchen, so these are my homeworks. The Her World magazine are meant to kept me insane after the home design magazines.


3. When was the last time I bought a more than an inch footwear? I cant remember. So I bought 2 for myself. For work and for jalan-jalan(which I regret a because even the 1 and half inch wedges hurt my feet). And I cant help from buying a flip flop. This one is from Bata.


4. Buy a LAN cable and surf freely. This hotel does not provide any free wifi service, and the 3G line sucks. I like to hop from a blog to another to distract my mind from home.


I think that its for now. Its late and Im working tomorrow, wearing my new baju kurung cotton bunga kecik kecik 🙂

Oil Cloth & Cotton

This is an oil cloth.


This is the finished product of an oil cloth.


This is a normal cotton.


And this is the not-so-finished-product-because-I-used-into-sewing-oil-cloth-but-cotton-is-so-much-hassle-sekian-terima-kasih. Phewww!


Cotton are light and lembik, so, without batting and interfacing, the finished product wont look as sturdy as the one in the picture.

Since that I sew more oil cloth than cotton, so when it comes to cotton, Im totally dumb. Especially with batting.


This is what I hated the most. The last check-up of the bag after I finished it, somebody decided to give me headache.

Ok lah. It is me who is not yet competent in using cotton for bag making.

But I tried.

Sayang tu kain.

Growing up with Ariana

Tu hari kan, saya & Ariana ja berdua di rumah sebab Enchek Kedek kerja malam. Jadi, Ariana di depan tengok tv, saya di dapur cuci botol susu dia.

Then Ariana menangis kuat-kuat sambil ketuk pintu dapur. Saya malas mau layan sebab Ariana ni, kalau cerita favourite dia habis, ataupun ada iklan sekejap pun dia nangis jugak.

Tapi tangisan tu makin kuat. So saya suspect dia tertukar channel tv, pun biasa berlaku jugak. Saya agak-agak, kalau saya buka pintu dapur mesti Ariana sedang pegang remote control yang dia tertekan tu sambil menangis-nangis.

Tapi saya silap. Ni kali lebih advanced. Di cabutnya smart card astro tu.


Card astro di tangannya pun sudah basah-basah. Nda tau lah basah sebab air mata kah air liur -_-”