Growing up With Ariana

Where she began to appreciate my mommy-made dress.


How did she actually compliment my mommy-made dress?

Remember the romper that I recently made for her. Well, after testing it on her, and took few pictures, I immediately upload it into the mac. Ariana was in the bedroom with Enchek Kedek after we do the show & tell session regarding the hardwork that I’ve done to make the romper.

After uploading the picture, I went back to the room just to find out the she was already asleep, still with the romper. I wanted to take it off for cuci.

So she slept.

Afrer few hours, she woke up and cried. So I went to the room to get her. She stood up, walking slowly towards me when she suddenly stopped after seeing her reflections in the mirror. She touched her romper while looking at the mirror and said, ‘annnntiiikkkk…’ which means ‘cantik’.

We always used the word ‘cantik’ to her to describe pretty things. So yeah I am pretty sure that she was actually referring the word ‘cantik’ as in ‘baju baru Ariana tu cantik’.


Makes me wanna gigit her bertubi-tubi. But I cant. She’ll cry.

Bawak bakul macam mau ke pasar seja.


I thought there was no hope for my picture to be watermark-ed because:

1. I cant install Windows Live Writer in my Mac.

2. Im too lazy to watermark each picture one by one before uploading it to my post unless when Im using my iphone.

3. Im not familliar with WordPress.

But, I tried searching¬†‘watermark picture’ for¬†Wordpress in plugins and see what I found?

Err.. See my attached picture to see what I found.

Yeay.. Watermark done!

But I need to do a proper watermark. This is just for testing purpose.