Laksa Sarawak, Merong Mahawangsa & romper.

Ahh.. Offdays. What a relief. After 4 days of 12-hour work.

This morning I started my day with preparing Laksa Sarawak for the family. Not that hard because I used the instant one. But the delicious-ness is satisfaction guaranteed.


Then, after mandi and all, I subscribed Astro First Merong Mahawangsa. I watched it twice. 🙂

Malaysia should make a lot of historical movie so that the school kids wont have difficulty in memorizing history notes. Hehe.

About my sewing project, i managed to finish it but the size was too big for Ariana. Gonna do alteration tonight. I am not really satisfied with the PDF pattern that I bought. The instruction were not clear enough while the pattern was kinda hard for me to figure. Sigh.