Am I a fabric worm, yet?

No lah. I dont think so.

So these are the newly arrived fabrics. Supposed to arrive last week but due to miscommunication with hopshopgo, 1 week delay.

The girl romper pattern that I purchased has not reach me yet. Through email ja. Probably tomorrow baru sampai. Means no sewing lah tonight.









Gonna start looking for this month stock again.


Apa dalam otak?

Since yesterday, my mission was to look for cardigan to add up my collections. For the moment, I only have 2 which I like to wear.

I came to work this morning with cardigans mission on my head.

After Im done with the morning routine work, my hands automatically typed wordpress. So I was stucked with wordpress & its tutorials. I wanted to do a blog make over. I tried learning the css code, but I stopped not even halfway through the tutorial.

I thought upah orang to do is easier. So I googled for wordpress designer and I almost cried to see the price that they offered. Just so you know, average price is rm300+. i can buy 7 yards of designer cotton plus shipping for that amount.

So I went back to the tutorial thingy while doing some thingking. Ah.. Its only rm300. Can lah because the design was cute. Suddenly Enchek Kedek’s face appeared on the pc screen. Ok. Tidak jadi. Back to the tutorial. (-_-“)

As I read through the tutorial, I suddenly remembered the girl romper that I ordered for Ariana yesterday but not successfull due to my jari pantas, I pressed somekind of combination on the keyboard which transfered me to the UOI (work thingy) screen & unable to change back. Sigh!

Ok. Back to the romper. I went back to the page where I saw the romper when I thought, ‘I can make this on my own!’.

So yeah. I started looking for rompers tutorial. I was then bored looking for free tutorial because they didnt provide enough info for a beginner like me. I then look for the pdf pattern on Etsy and it only cost me rm18.

So I am planning to sew tonight.

But I still bingung with the css code.


*Sometimes I am suprised on how I can do a lot of thinking in one day.

**Begini laini kalau tiada kawan. Baca blog kawan pun rasa seperti berbual dengan kawan itu sampai saya bingung sendiri.