We (me & Enchek Kedek) went out for late night dinner at Lintas Upperstar and met up with Cinoi and friends.

We dont want to bring Ariana because of the environment there. Loud music & people smoking. So I tried to put her to bed a bit early than usual.

Turned the light off and let her finish her milk. As a smart (?) mommy, I pretend that Im asleep. I breath hard as if I were snoring. Then Ariana started blowing air to my face because she thought that I was playing with her. Then, I kept quiet, to maintain my smart (????) mommy action, she then started to dig my nose and laughed hard when I started to give respons due to nose-digging session by Ariana.

Then I gave up. There will be no Upperstar session with frienda tonight.

Mama then told me that she’ll babysit Ariana and let us go. ^_^

Hubby asked me to hide from Ariana because she knows that Im goin out if I wore my tudung. So I hide in Ica’s room and let Enchek Kedek & Ariana went into our bedroom, then I ran out of the house quietly. And yes, mission accomplish. Which then makes me realized that I never sneaked out of house during my younger days. Tonight was my first time, and it happened to be sneaked-out-of-the-house-without-Ariana-knowing-about-it!!!


And we took a picture. One picture. One. Uno.