This is my Moing Kusai (Translation: Moing : Grandfather, Kusai : Man ). He is about 83 to 84 years old.

This is moing’s basikal tua, parked in front of our house yesterday. Every Thursday, memang ada his bicycle parked in front of our house. Memang confirm tau moing pegi Tamu di Donggongon.

But he never called mintak di ambil di rumah. Even when he parked his bicycle pun, tapuk-tapuk. Sedar-sedar ja ada bicycle depan rumah.

Yesterday, I was doing laundry outside, when I saw moing walked back from Donggongon to take his bicycle. So I asked him to masuk rumah first, served him with a cold Sarsi and talked.

Then after that, he decided to go back before matahari semakin kuat memancar.

Kuat kan moing saya?