Happy Birthday Mama

Happy 54th Birthday to my dear Mama.
Hari ni buat entry for mama. 
According to mama, she was born on 31st March 1957. But my dear grandfather likes to modify their (my mum’s siblings) birthdate so that can be easily remembered. So he changed my mum’s birthdate from 31st March to 1st April at the Jabatan Pendaftaran.
According to mama, they (she & her siblings) grew up as a genuine budak kampung where everyting also they want to explore. Mama likes to tell us stories about her childhood. The one that I remebered the most was when they used a ‘lidi’ to turn a lintah/leech body inside out by pushing the lidi from the back-side of the lintah’s body to front. Imagine how you turn socks inside-out. That was what happened to the poor lintah. POOR LINTAH.
Mama was born somewhere in KK, then grew up somewhere in KK (a lot of place actually. I cant rememeber), and then worked as an English teacher at a primary school in Lahad Datu. Mama was my English teacher when I was in primary 3. If u aske me, how it felt like to have your mum to teach you at school, I cant remember because it was long ago. hehe. But Im a good girl. Mama said that, when abang was in primary 3, he was the first student that mama rotan. hihi
After so many many years residing in Lahad Datu, mama then decided its time for us to transfer back to Kk to follow bapak. In KK, mama, still an English teacher, teaching at St. Agnes, Likas until now.
Mama was well known by the student by the name of cikgu garang. She brings her rotan every where. I saw it with my own eyes. I went to secondary school next to the school where mama teaches. After school, I usually lepak at mama’s school. I can see students who were at first running around ,but when they heard mama’s voice from the other block, kelam kabut duduk diam-diam dalam kelas. Although she was feared by the students, but there are still students who came to her after school period ends & salam+cium tangan and said, ‘Bye Cikgu Masneh’. garang but stil like-able. ^_^
Since mama owns a camera handphone, long time ago, she started to take pictures of her naughty students as a punishment. nda tau lah apa yang di kelentong oleh mama to her students. But if you see all the pictures, theres none..not even one picture of students smilling. Pictures of students crying tu, adalah.. Muka susah hati pun ada.
I wished mama a bit late today. Its not that I forgot. But because I came back from work very earlier, and I woke up in shocked because its 2.44pm and I havent pack our stuff to Kucing yet.
Anyway, Happy Birthday Mama. Wish you all the best of health, luck & rezeki. I Love You. We Love You.

My new iphone casing

My other birthday present (which I bought for myself) arrived today! After 8-days of long waiting, finally its here. Saya kan tidak sabar. Mula-mula ingatkan ini ialah ready-stock. Rupanya mau kena tunggu diorang order lagi. Tapi nda pa lah sebab hasilnya memuaskan hati.

 Front view
Back view
 Closer view
Overall interior view
Ok.. Semua view ada. Semua view-view itu yang bikin saya puas hati. Go to Moresales kalau anda jugak mahu phone case yang unik-unik.
Seperti casing ini. Sangat kiut. Saya itu hari dalam dilemma untuk memilih samada Hello Kitty itu ataupun Bunny ini. Then saya decide untuk beli Hello Kitty, dan kemudian berbincang (more like me-request) Enchek Kedek untuk membelikan saya casing bunny ini. Tapi dia bilagn buat apa banyak-banyak casing kalau henpon ada satu saja. (-_-“)
Baiklah. ^_^