My breakfast

Crab stick. Sedap oh. I ate this everyday. These are the last 3 sticks. After I charge-up, Im going to Sing Kwong to buy these again. Good for my diet to because it contains less than 20g of carbs per serving.

PS: I blog before I eat. 🙂

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Our Miri trip

Our main intention of going to Miri that day was to sign the Sale and Purchase Agreement with the house developer. As I mentioned in my previous entry, we were looking & found house for us to buy in Miri.

Our house in Bintulu has already been sold. But we still stay there until our official transfer i.e in June.

After we reeived the 10% of house downpayment cheque in Bintulu, we speed up to Miri (kerna masa tidak mengizinkan and & its on Friday), and started the signing session with the Miri house developer.

Just so u all know, we are soo ‘cool’ that we didnt pay the 10% deposit upon signing the sale & purchase agreement. Haha. No lah. Joking. The cheque that we receive can only be cash out after 3 days. and we just receive the cheque that day. Nasib the developer is a very understanding man. Understanding man with no-expression-on-face man. Seriously, we didnt know whether he is serious or joking. I did saw him joking with the lawyer during the signing, but his face expression does not change at all!

Ok. Back to the signing thingy. Enchek Kedek & I was supposed to do the signing but because Ariana was wide awake, so I have to baby sit her. But the no-expression-on-face man did offered to baby sit Ariana. But I only smiled at him while Ariana gave a huge grin to the old man. Hehe.

After all the signing done, the man or should I named him, the tauke, said, ‘Mari minum dulu..’. But we reject his offer very nicely as we are in a hurry because we didnt sleep yet after back from night shift & we havent had any breakfast nor lunch that day. Even Ariana also acted like no-breakfast-nor-lunch girl eventhough she just had a few bottles of nenen during the road trip.
So here it is. The Miri house.

This is actually the side view of the house. Since that this is the corner lot, the developer made the gate to be on the side instead of front side.

This is the almost-full view of the only-1-row of housing. A lot of this type of housing area available in Miri where the developer only built 1 or 2 rows of houses for sale. This is a terrece house. When we came to have a look and see, only 2 units are left and both are corner lots. Lucky for us because we are looking for either semi-d (like Bintulu house) or corner terrece house. I want a house with good air ventilation.

The front door & car porch area.
Front view. I like the 3 triangle windows up there. It allows natural lighting during the day. Hehe.

 This is what we see when we stand in front of the gate.
Back view of the house.
Me at the living room.
This one big area is the second living room / sitting room plus dining room. The area with the sliding door is an open air drying area. While on the right side is the store room.
There are 4 bedrooms & 2 bathrooms but I didnt take any picture.
This is the kitchen area. And this is the only part when we need to do a little renovation with a big damage on our wallet.
The developer’s brother sometimes stay overnight in this house because his brother (the developer, the tauke) feared of thief. So this tv & fan belongs to the tauke’s brother. Ariana is more attracted to the tv rather than running around in that empty house.
So yesterday, we managed to clear off the 10% deposit after the cheque been cash out. Informed the lawyer regarding the payment, which then I believe that the lawyer called the tauke about the payment.
The tauke then called Enchek Kedek and said, ‘Saya belum bawa you pegi minum lagi’. (-_-“)
PS : This house is situated next to a Methodist Church. I believe there are no issue on this. Thank You!

After few days of macbook-ing

Ok.. First of all, macbook is not as same as ordinary laptop/netbook. (duh!)

The first problem that I encountered after un-boxing the macbook was, how to connect the charger to the power source. Yeah I know. Pity me. The instruction booklet does not show. So I you-tube-ing. The most easiest way to find instruction if you are too lazy to read. But unfortuantely, streamyx was not that good at me that day. The video wont load. So I use my own instinct and Alhamdullillah I managed to connect the adapter (which actually needs to be unplugged and connect it to the provided cable).

Next problem was, connecting the magic mouse to macbook. Unfortunately, the bluetooth couldnt detect any signal coming from the magic mouse. So I decided to leave it as it is until Enchek Kedek came back from work.

Then, another problem occured. How to right click? Without right click, I cant copy multiple numbers of pictures in one time, I cant open-in-new-tab and I cant copy anything on web. So I googled and stumbled upon this web named We can ask anything about mac there. But I just refer to the existing thread.

Hopefully, after this no more problem.

Btw, I managed to connect the magic mouse my self. After hours of exploring the mac, I started to close all windows and ready to shutdown when I stumbled upon one window which instruct me to turn on the bluetooth button on the magic mouse. (- _ -“)

Then after that I started my jakun moment with the magic mouse..

Yours truly,

Nap time

Lemas-lemas rasa badan. Mata pun balik-balik mau tertidur. Balik dari airport lepas hantar Enchek Kedek pun, mau tertidur-tidur rasa driving. Niat mau singgah kedai untuk beli biskut untuk di bawak kerja pun nda jadi. Nasib hari ni night shift. Kalau dayshift, kali ter-berdengkur sudah di office.

Semua ni gara-gara budak bernama Ariana yang tiba-tiba buat keputusan untuk TIDAK TIDUR pada pukul 12.44 tengah malam dan BERMAIN sampai pukul 2.34 pagi!!!!

Saya on TV, then sambung tidur di ruang tamu. Ariana layan diri tengok tv & tekan-tekan music dari kereta sorongnya.

Saya cuma tersedar Ariana melambai-lambai saya di depan pintu bilik tidur. Time tu baru saya bangun dan bawak dia masuk tidur. Itupun ada berkungfu skejap di atas katil before dia tidur betul-betul.

Sekarang, saya sudah berjaya bawak dia tidur tengahari sebab saya pun sudah terlampau mengantuk.

Hop-on Hop-off

In two days time, me and Ariana will be flying to the Meow City aka Kuching.

Enchek Kedek will be flying off tomorrow for his 1 week chargeman classes & exam.

Ngam-ngam offday kan. Ikut sajalah. We’ll be staying at Hilton Hotel and I might gonna need to use taxi for me & Ariana to move around.

3 things that I want to do in Kuching:

1. Jumpa Efa & Baby Min. Or should I call her Kakak Min already because we have Baby Mai in da house ~

2. To visit my family angkat at Kg. Sorabaya. I always went to their house and even stay there for a while when I was still studying in Politeknik Kuching.

3. I wanna go to Sanrio Outlet at The Spring.

Miss Efa.. Please make yourself available.. Hehehe

As planned, we’ll be back to Bintulu on the 5th and back to work.

But my entry doesnt stop here.

My next offday, will be going back to KK for 12 freaking days. Hehe.

I hope I can make it to April’s bornday. ^_^


Thats all…


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The Lollypop dress

Ariana’s LollyPop playsuit by Mommy Made.

Playsuit because she can move freely as she plays in that suit. Kiraaaa lahhh…

And the ‘lollypop’ is because the colour.

A very super simple ribbon tie at the back. Im not really good in estimating how long should I used for the spagethi strap. So by making the ribbon tie, she can still wear this tops as she grew up.

Ok.. Lights.. Camera.. Action!!!

Ariana : Like this kah mommy?
Mommy : Iyaaa.. Macam itu…

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Main baby-baby.

So yesterday, me & Ariana main baby-baby lagi. Ariana jadi baby, saya jadi mommy. Duh!

Baby besar lebat rambut gigi banyak.

Mommyyyyy… Nennnnneeennnn..

Ni budak kan, sudah saya bungkus dia dalam selimut, betul-betul dia action-action jadi macam baby. Nda mau keluar dari selimut tu. Selalu Ariana ni tidak sampai 2 minit stay di satu tempat kecuali time tengok tv. Ini, sepanjang masa buat muka baby-baby.

Lepas tu, Ariana buat nest pakai kotak bungkusan macbook mommy.

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Share info pasal kawan-kawan

Orang yang paling kita harus wajib-kalau-tidak-buat-akan-di-denda percaya ialah our family.

Bukannya jangan percaya kawan. Tapi harus berpada-pada. Walaupun boyfriend anda sangat caring macam mana pun, jangan lah sampai membelakangi keluarga sendiri. ‘Syurga bukan di tapaj kaki boyfriend’ – pinjam ayat Keyya. Hehe. Eh. Terlari sikit dari tajuk.

Kalau anda ikut perkembangan berita, minggu lalu di Miri, ada kes pembunuhan. Seorang perempuan umur 17 tahun telah di bunuh oleh kawannya sendiri yang jugak berumur 17 tahun. The sad part is, mereka berdua ni sudah berkawan sejak dari sekolah rendah.

Saya make long news short, yang saya dapat sumber dari surat khabar dan lain-lain media.

Perempuan membawa kawan lelakinya(yang mempunyai kereta) untuk pegi mengambil slip keputusan SPM. Tapi si lelaki melencong membawa si perempuan ke Esplanade (kalau kk mcm tanjung aru lah).

Di sana, lelaki mau bawa perempuan buat seks, tapi perempuan tidak mau. Then mungkin ada pergelutan dan menyebabkan lelaki mencekik perempuan sampai pengsan.

Lelaki panic si perempuan pengsan. So dia drive 23km luar dari bandar Miri dan kemudian cekik lagi, dan ikat plastik hitam di kepala perempuan.

Lelaki rasa bersalah, dan telah pergi ke balas polis keesokkan hari nya bersama keluarganya untuk menyerah diri, di mana pada ketika itu, keluarga si perempuan jugak berada di balai polis yang sama untuk melaporkan kehilangan the only daughter mereka.

Then, baru tadi kawan saya bagi link to a website, di mana, seekor burung telah datang dan bertenggek pada cross/salib si perempuan semalaman, which they suspect that it was the perempuan yang sudah meninggal punya soul in a bird’s body. Dan burung itu betul-betul stay di atas cross itu saja walaupun di approach beberapa kali oleh orang. Burung kan pandai melarikan diri kalau ada orang yang datang mendekati.

Kita sebagai parents, mesti dapat bayangkan macam mana perasaan parents perempuan tu kan.

Kesimpulan yang saya simpul di sini, sentiasa berhati-hati dan kalau boleh, jangan keluar dengan lelaki tanpa teman (girls). Because we never know kan. Sudah kawan dari sekolah rendah pun masih jugaj ada niat yang tidak baik.

PS: Enchek Kedek cakap, Ariana sudah 21 tahun baru boleh keluar rumah sendiri.

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Growing Up with Ariana

Ariana punya style kalau makan, kita yg penat mulut memanggil dia untuk datang makan while she on the other hand, bermain jauh-jauh dari mommy.

Same thing happened this morning. So I thought, mungkin sebab for now, she’s the only child. Daya saing tiada. Mau tidak mau, memang mommy will go after her.

Jadi saya membikin keputusan untuk mewujudkan ‘daya saing’. Dan mangsa untuk menjadi ‘saingan’ Ariana ialah..

Come on Dibo you can do it.. Open up.. Open up.. Eeemmm.. Nyam-nyam-nyam..

Lalu kelihatan kanak-kanak kecik berlari-lari anak dan kemudian duduk diam-diam sebelah mommy sambil mulut terbuka luas.

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