Lack of update due to muntah-muntah and…eh no..not morning sickness.. Muntah-muntah & cirit-birit due to food poisoning. But the muntah-muntah thingy do remind me of the very not-really-good-morning-sickness-period.

I have a very sensitive stomach. I am very easily to get food poisoning than anybody who also had the same meal with me.

Im not saying that I am very used this sickness, but, last time, whenever I got food poisoning, there will always be ‘someone’ who took care of me. But this time, I am on my own. My daughter just got well from her vomitting+diarrhea while my dear Enchek Kedek just got back from working night shift. Fair enough. So I cooked porridge for my own and ate it to survive.

But today I am feeling much more better. I managed to clean up the house a bit. Cleared me & Ariana’s ‘sarang’. Both of us actually slept in the living room for the 2 whole night that Enchek Kedek worked night shift. Its normal for us though. Sound from the tv d kept us companied.

Btw, mama & zaza are here to babysit Ariana while mum in law off to Kl for her yearly holiday.

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