Ariana’s visit to the doctor

Tengahari tadi sudah membawa Ariana ke Sibu Specialist Medical Center kerana dia masih lagi cirit & muntah.

Dalam kereta saya sudah fikir beberapa soalan yang mau di tanya dengan Encik Doctor. Tapi, as soon as we entered the consultation room, sat next to the doctor & the doctor took out his stetoscope, Ariana berteriak & menangis.

Her last visit to the clinic, doctor telah masukkan ubat ke dalam bontotnya. So she might still remembered it so thats why she cried.

I only managed to tell the doctor her condition. Sukar untuk berkomunikasi due to Ariana’s loud crying voice & saya pun menghadapi kesukaran untuk mengingat soalan yang mau di tanya.

Since that he is the specialist and was actually recommended by Enchek Kedek’s aunt, saya yakin saja lah. Ubat tahan muntah di sumbatkan lagi ke dalam bontot Ariana. Then doctor kasi air garam, ubat muntah & ubat cirit.

Petang tadi Ariana sudah ada selera untuk makan bubur. Kasi sikit ja sebab doctor pesan makanan & susu kasi in small quantitu for this time being sebab perut belum berapa ok.

When I looked at her, I somehow remembered zaman kegemilangan saya morning sickness dulu. Kesian. So I brought her outside for fresh air and for a walk around the house compound. Change her clothes everytime after she vomit & o-oq and extended her bath-time so that she will feel fresh (although we usually ended up shouting at each other. She’s trying to consume the bubbles & drink for her little tub baahhh..)

Btw, sepatutnya saya bekerja kemarin malam dan malam ni. Tapi due to Ariana’s health, I took 2 days emergency leave. My first ever emergency leave for this year.

I hope she’ll get better soon.

Pedih rasa hati tiap kali peluk badan Ariana yang semakin mengurus.

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Ubat rindu Ariana

My baby girl is not feeling well.


Just after I landed in Sibu, went to the car. Mum in law was in the car while Ariana was sleeping in her lap. When I took her, she cried and vomit on me. She doesnt look ok.

After we reached home, she began to recognize my face and started to smile from ear to ear. It was a 5 minutes of touching moment between me and Ariana.

After that I gave her a bath and fed her with KFC mashed potato with just a lilttle flavor of the gravy. Glad that she ate eventhough just a small amount of it. Mum in law told me that Ariana had been refusing to eat since day before.

That night she o-oq very cair one. Just like when we got diarrhea. But she still look happy.

Abu Yah (Enchek Kedek’s aunt) told me that after I came, she looked happy and no more crying.

All of them (mum in law & aunt) were a bit relief when I came. Because Ariana doesnt want anyone else than my mum in law. So for the time being, they called me ‘ubat Ariana’.

Kesian Ariana. 6 days kena tinggal sendiri.

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