Day 1 MME Course

Jam 7 pagi suda turun pegi lobi, panggil teksi and off to Lutong. Sekali tengok jalan raya, lenggang pulak. I was hoping for traffic jam tapi teda. So to cut long story short, saya sampai to training center jam 0715hrs.

Hari ni saya rajin membakar few calory untuk pegi carik restoran malay around this area. Ternyata ada, tapi terlalu jauh. Tapi yang penting dapat makan nasi goreng kampung.

Oh, about the course. The instructor was orang putih and one of the course participant also orang putih. The rest are all seniors, and I was the only JUNIOR there. I was paying extra attention to the course because I had difficulty to understand the instructor’s dialect. Kalau Jeniffer Aniston bercakap, saya paham. Tapi ni instuctor came from UK so he has this British accent. Tapi bagus jugaklah. Extra attention maka fikiran saya tidak jauh melayang sampai ke Bintulu.

Today we did theory. Then the instructor trained us to speak with authority on the radio & PA system, as the preparation for tomorrow’s activity that is, ROLE PLAYING!

He will put us in a room which is supposed to be the control room, give us an emergency scenario like platform on fire or chopper on fire, then he will observe our action in the event of emergency.

And this is my first time ever to go back to hotel and start to study back what he had during the course earlier.

Tapi saya mahu menjahit… Semalam sudah bersungguh-sungguh potong kain..

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