Miri next week..

Sometimes, your Saturday is my Monday and your Monday can be my Saturday.

Im not talking crapt haha. Just that, this is the nature of my job. Working for 4 days, then off for 4 days.

Be it weekend or public holiday, work is work. But im not a workaholic. I just need to work to earn money to pay debt, savings as well as my guilty pleasure, S to the H to the O double P-ing!

Next week Im gonna have to fly to Miri(macam lah jauh..huhu), for MME Course. Management of Major Emergencies Training. I requested for our HR Focal Point here to book me a room in Imperial. Reasons are, Im alone (Enchek Kedek not coming along), and it is near to Imperial Mall (more like attached to the mall). Easy for me to cari makan since that I dont have any transport here.

TAPI, imperial is fully booked so I have to switch to Grand Palace, where only kedai makan non-muslim available. The nearest halal restaurant that I can reach is Secret Recipe, which is a few blocks away. Tapi kena limpas Cherry Berry(wth with that? Saya takut orang mabuk). But, comparing the price of SR and room service, I might just get the room service. (Pemalas..)

About my flight from Miri to Bintulu, my course supposed to end @ 1600 hrs and my flight is at 1930hrs. I can imagine how I will look like walking around in Bintang Mall with my luggage.

Enchek Kedek suggested me to just stand by at the airport. I told him I dont have any laptop for me to kill the time. Then he asked me, ‘u want to bring mine or u want a new one?’.. Best kan soalan dia. Terus saya check out website DELL. I told him that I only need cheap but good one. DELL netbook is the most preferred one. Because I only need it for surfing. I checked DELL yesterday, found the type that I want, but not PINk one.. I want pink netbook. So I told Enchek Kedek nanti ja beli netbook. Enchek Kedek menarik nafas lega.

So maybe i’ll just get my phone charger ready. Power supply to compensate my 2 hours of surfing the internet using iphone.

I told Enchek Kedek that I bet he is worried that I will spent money again since that Im alone and Toys World is just few steps away. So I told him not to worry because Im bringing along my mini portable sewing machine. Back to hotel, start sewing. But until now I cant figure out yet what to sew. Maybe a skirt for Ariana because I bought getah last nite and I already googled for the most easiest steps to make a layered skirt.

PS: If only i have my own set of proper swimming suit. Then I can go for swimming. The one that I had before married is cekci mekci.

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