Growing up with Ariana

Rrrriiinnngggg…. Rrrriiiinnngggggg!


Ooohhhh….ada…hold on ya…

Mommy…call for you..

Para-para telefon yang ada di rumah kami ialah cuma henfon dan telefon rumah jenis wireless tu. Tiada telefon jenis yang biasa di pakai dulu atau yang ada di opis.

So, i was quiet amazed + suprised that the first time Ariana got her new toy, she already knows that that green thing is a telephone and she put it at least near to her ear and start mumbling.

Pengaruh tv kali kan..hehe..

I observed her this morning when ‘Mickey Mouse Playhouse’ started. She was very tekun in front of the tv. Whenever Mickey asked question to the viewer(u need to watch it yourself to understand this), Ariana gave respons to Mickey, even with a simple ‘huu huuu’..

I dont know exactly what is her own interpretation version of Mickey’s saying, but I do enjoyed her new progression every day.

Ps : kadang-kadang Ariana lupa yang dia sedang berdiri on her own without any support for a few seconds.