Me, Enchek Kedek & Tupperware

I am not a big fan of Tupperware yet, but I do have small collections of it.

Half of the collection I received as my wedding present while the other half I bought myself because Im excited with the first half of the collection.

What is the point of having it if you dont use it right? So as a start, I made food for Enchek Kedek and packed his food with one of my collection for him to bring to work. Along with his tapau, I also packed words of wisdom to him i.e not to leave it at work.

Husband will be husband while wife will always and forever be wife. He left my tupperware few times but had the initiative to call his collegue and asked them to keep it for him, while me in the other hand still insisted him to use the tupperware no matter how many times he forgot to bring it back. (-_-*)

Then, after he knew how strict I am when it comes to ‘what type of food that can only be put in the tupperware’ and ‘not to give tapau to people using my tupperware’ (heheheeee), he suddenly interested in provoking me using the tupperware as the bait.

‘……(somebody’s name), si sheila ndak mau tu kasi tapau kau dalam tupperware nya’


‘kasi tapau lah dalam tupperware kitak’ (in front of the person sambil senyum2 sindir)

At that point, I felt like wanna karate him. I even considering of running to the bedroom and cried myself out. _____kan si Enchek Kedek? (isi tempat kosong)

Tekanan especially when his sarcasm followed by his evil laugh.

Since that he did not behave (macam budak-budak pulak), whenever he goes to work with tapau, i use the cheapest tapau ever. Even if he left it at work also I dont mind. And he is happy with that. Suprisingly, the provoking also stops there.

PS:Now I know how my mom felt whenever my dad brings her tupperware to Kuala Penyu without telling her.

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