BK : Kamek sikda baju!!!’ Or ‘kamek sikda tudung!!!’
EK : Tuuu apa tu??? (Pointing at all the bajus & tudungs!)

I have this one habit of, if my baju is Pink, then the tudung must be PINK!

Black can go with all colours but not every colours.

If my baju is flowery, then my tudung must goes with the colour of the flower.

Kesian Enchek Kedek. Everytime mau jalan, he have to wait for me to get dressed. Sometimes, when he realize that I havent done yet, he will check on me in the room and caught me still in my towel after bath.

EK : Pakailah baju!!
BK : Tiada baju..
EK : Jangan bagi alasan sikda baju.. Tuu bajuu.. Niii.. Pakai laah..
BK : Tudung???
EK : Niii.. Pakai ja.. Bukan jugak orang peduli tu..
BK : Tapi nda matching kaler..
EK : eee.. Cepat lah..
BK : Tunggu..kamek iron tudung dulu..

Nasib Im the type yang nda pakai make-up kalau jalan.. Kalau nda, sempat si Ariana kasi tunggang tebalik handbag mommy, baru lah siap..

I dont know whether anybody out there who have the same concern as me.. Tapi Enchek Kedek jugaklah paling siok.. Tiap hari jumpa dengan orang berperangai macam ni.

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KRSB Ladies Night

This is one of our yearly event. The theme for this year was Lady in Black&Red. Although I didn’t fancy the theme, but then, a theme is a theme so I must follow the theme. Ok, enough with the theme.

IMG_2820 I worked on day shift. The party started @ 7pm. So I got back early. Do the mommy job. Then @ 6:45pm sharp, Im all ready.

IMG_2822 But Ariana got the car keys.  (-_-“)


But I car-pooled with Jehan…hehehe Bye Ariana..


The activity for that night was only Lucky Draw, Karaoke, Dress up game, dancing game and bla bla bla.. Not really much. We spent most of our time there eating, chit-chatting, eating then chit-chatting again. If we felt like dancing, then we go to the dance floor.

Unlike last year, most of the time dance because the light was dimmed and the musics are good. This year, it was soo terang benderang and wth with the music?? Techno? alala.. Ibu-ibu & para isteri staff yang datang. At least let them enjoy their self with the songs that they can dance to, and with the dimmed light of course. Yang muda-muda nda ramai. So WE(alamak, perasan muda..yalah bah..im still 25 bah..hehe) still can consider with the joget & ngajat.. Boleh bah.. layan ja..

BTW, last year’s Ladies Nite, saya pregnant. I only joined the poco-poco dance. But this year, no poco-poco dance.  🙁

IMG_2871Since that me & Jehan were bored,  so we took pictures ja lah..

IMG_2893 IMG_2843

*I dont know why I can resize this pic above.

IMG_2889 ..and I took a picture of my kaki.

Tapi apa-apa pun, we did had fun that night. Better than nothing. Its just that it is quite disappointing, since that it was our LAST Ladies Night because next year the operatorship will be transferred to Baju Kuning. So it was our last time partying with the other lady staff & spouses of our staff.

Entry Bergambar

Gambar di sekitar Open House Hari Raya di Penampang.

IMG_2152 My moing kusai. After his cataracts removal operation. Moing lah yang paling macho on that  day..hehe

IMG_2168 Perempuan-perempuans in the family..erm.. mana Qei-Qei?

IMG_2180 Tetamu belum sampai..


Kasi ready their perkakas untuk meng-snap-snap gambar. Both my dad & my husband are into these things. Maka mereka ialah geng.

IMG_2222 Oh..there you are Qei-Qei.. duduk diam-diam with Moing Gumuk..


Saya minum-minum tengok tetamu..


Si Merpati Dua Sejoli. Wong&Chong.


Si Ibu Muntah Kuning Mimi Fiona & Husbandnya Hafiz.


Combined group photos of my schoolmate from SM Sains Lahad Datu & SM All Saints Likas.


Open house sampai malam.. Tapi malam layan winning eleven.

Ok..itu saja gambar.. banyak lagi tapi biasalah, alasan paling biasa, m.a.l.a.s.