As much as I really wanted to reduce my weight, but the desire of eating has defeated all the ‘I-want-to-reduce-weight’ . Sigh.

Oh well. Since that I mentioned about makanan, my last trip to Miri, we had lunch at Miri Marriott after the meeting. The food were great!

See. I told you it was great. I finished my food without even care to snap a pic or two.

But I remembered to snap pic for the dessert. All the guilt of swallowing the big chunk of fatty cheese cake. I actually ate the watermelon from the FRUiT portion. The rest, resting peacefully inside my big fat tummy.

We went to Banana Leaf around 4pm. Late lunch for Enchek Kedek and early dinner for me.

I was quite disapointed with MYSELF for consuming too much strepsils until my tongue became numb and I cant taste my food. Semua rasa kurang garam. So i didnt finish mine but Enchek Kedek finished his. He ate like all the food cukup garam. So it was totally my tongue’s fault.

PS: Bintulu hujan lebat. Bikin takut dengar bunyi angin yang kuat tu.