Family Pic

Every Raya we took a proper family picture, to be hung in the living room.

Every year, there are always be the five of us, Dad, Mama, Abang, Ica & yours truly.

Last year, 2 new addition to the family, Enchek Kedek & Kak Nibung. (Semua adalah nama komersal)

And this year, another 2 new addition to the family, Baby Ariana Maisara & Baby Qaisara Shafiyyah.

And it is quiet really hard for us to get a very proper picture of us all. Of course the heroin was the daughter of yours truly.. 😛

Ariana was being cranky because it was hot (she was wearing her baju kurung), lack of sleep (tu lah suka tahan mata) and there were kittens in the living room which she very gergitan (read: geram!) at.

Mama have to put the kitten inside the drawer under the chair we were sitting on just so Ariana stay put. But then, the kitten wont start meow-ing which makes the itchiness to sayang-sayang ( you dont wanna know what Ariana actually did to those poor kittens) becomes worst.


The only proper picture that we have in our camera is this.

IMG_2372 but,

1. Qei-qei was not looking at the camera. How can you actually asked a 3-months old baby to look at the camera when you are using tripod & self-timer. Next time, we need to hire a clown to amaze these babies.

2. We need to get rid of the stuffed cat (patung kucing tu bah). Ariana actually rubbing the stuffed cat at dad’s ear. Me & Kak Nibung tahan ketawa. * Kena marah sebab balik-balik gambar nda jadi…hehehe

Maybe next year our family pic will be a lot more better when these two babies grown from babies to toddler.

I hope.




Supposed to be ‘SHEILA’ tapi terbalik…

IMG_2125 IMG_2127

‘SABAH’ before and after..

IMG_2126 Orang lidi


………….and of course, Kucing.. Pusak.. Tingau..


Ini lah kerja dorang abang & Enchek Kedek di luar rumah malam-malam..

IMG_2123 ada nampak orang??

Our day

We went to Miri last Friday is because I have an engagement session with one of the bosses in company Encik Kerang.

The engagement session cum brain storming were quiet informative as well as open & transparent. We were re-organizing our department where my bos will propose it to the higher level management.

BTW, my bos who originated from the Philipines almost made my jaw dropped when he starts opening his mouth and start talking about his education background and his 6 years experience working in the UK at such a young age. He is 38 btw.

Ok..enough with the work thingy. Today is still my offday and Enchek Kedek have a 2 days overtime. So it was only me and Ariana at home.

I wanted to bring Ariana out because our water tap in the kitchen sink somehow rusted and formed a somekind of a water fountain whenever I tried to get water for drink from the bio-aura. Need a new tap. Since that Enchek Kedek is working, so that leaves to me.

Oh ya, Ariana’s habit of pulling my hair kinda get into my nerves when she start pulling again when I was still sleeping this morning. So I pulled back her hair and she cried.

Am I a bad mother? Just want to teach her a lesson. :p