Pelik tapi benar

Just recently I bought an online tudung from this one online blogshop.

After the payment done, i havent received any confirmation yet regarding the status of my current purchase.

And just a few moments ago, I received an email from her claiming that she is currently @ Madrid and need me to cash about $2800++ to her because her belonging was stolen there @ Madrid.

I know that this really sounds like scam.. Because I received this kind of email before but not from somebody who sold tudung to me before..

By the way, i havent received the tudung from her yet.

Ps: kalau tudung tu betul2 tidak sampai, will let u all know the name of the blog supaya kamu pun tidak tertipu.

Pss: semua online blogshop stated ‘no backout buyers’.. But what about ‘backout seller’?

Psssttt… Saya tidak sabar tunggu tudung bukan apa.. Kan ada kes satu beg tudung saya tertinggal di bintulu.. Nanti malam mau pigi mekdi, baju merah, tudung hijau pulak (i only haf tudung hijau)..

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Just this morning I found out that our (me & Enchek Kedek) baju raya tertinggal di Bintulu.. And worst, a bag of my undies, bras & tudung also were left behind.. Luckily I packed extra undies inside our luggage bag.. Itu ja lah pakai bekal sementara Anjang balik esok pagi.. Patutlah bonet kereta kemarin nampak lenggang ja..

Maybe Enchek Kedek overlooked those 2 bags.. I should have gone into our room to check again because it was me who packed all the stuffs..

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