Paling last saya menjejakkan kaki ke KL (and happened to be my first time..nduk bah kasian..) was in 2008.. Kalau bukan 2008, 2007 lah.. tapi yang pasti bukan 2009..

And Im going again this year.. yeaaa… yeaaaayyy… yeaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh (Just ignore the over excited lady.. kasian dia kampung kampung)..

Mama ada convocation.. Bapak pegi jugak.. They gonna spend about a week there to jalan-jalan.. while me & Enchek Kedek akan menyusul kemudian.. Ariana tinggal.. tengoklah.. mungkin jugak kena bawak.. hehe..

erm.. itu ja.. Suda simpan my ticket bagus-bagus..

Oh.. another thing.. Im not going to spent suka-hati-ly my money this raya.. coz want to save up for our trip to KL.. Walaupun time tu bukan time mega sale tapi, hantam saja lah oh.

And my boss approve my leave already..

Kawan sekolah.. Kawan sama-sama mentarik hingus.. Kawan sama-sama menangis di booth telefon awam di SMSLD sebab homesick, ialah sudah PREGNANT..

Congratz Ona.. Carrying ur loved one punya baby is something very special sebab kau satu orang ja yang bawa.. Tiada orang lain.. Lebih-lebih lagi its your first baby with him..

Take good care of yourself.. Layan saja semua idam-idaman kau and in case you are wondering how beranak would be look like, relax.. You have 9 whole months to be mentally and physically prepared…

And you have 9 whole months to eat every 2 hours without feeling guilty..

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Growing up with Ariana

Hai..ini Ariana, without baju.. Perpeluhan yang excessive membuatkan dia tidak senang hati dan sentiasa merengek.. So i took off her baju and she is hapily crawling around the living room.. Sitting cute-ly next to her Papa, who is also not wearing shirt (no picture, but they both look like father like daughter)..

Went out to buy mommy’s supply of melon milk.. Eczema on her face are getting better although there are still visible through my 3.2 megapixel handphone camera.

Biting/teething more frequent.. And only yesterday afternoon i checked and found out that theres two front teeth coming out from her lower gum.. That explains all the nagging.. All the crying.. All the i-want-ketiak-mommy-only..

Baby tumbuh gigi.. Comeyl~

Ps: I better start practicing now on how to prevent & protect myself from her biting habit soon..