hello hello..

Suatu malam, time binikedek kerja nite shift..
Tepat-tepat jam 12 tengah malam (note:ini bukan cerita hantu)

BiniKedek calling ***** (note : one of kerang company punya customer)
BiniKedek : Hello.. midnight figure.. (me giving midnight figure to their panelman)
bla… bla… bla… bla… bla… bla…
***** : Ok thank you.. may i know who is on the line?
BiniKedek : Sheila..
***** : Sheila, u ada facebook?
BiniKedek : ada…
***** : ok.. nanti saya add u, u accept ok? (bunyi macam arahan).. sheila kan?
BiniKedek : Iya.. sheila.. OK.. Bye~

Saya bukannya ‘kurang pandai’ just simply accept arahan orang untuk meng-accept invitation dalam FB..
Dia mungkin kurang pandai sebab ada berapa banyak orang nama SHEILA di dunia ni.. kekekekeke..

Suda declare tax?

Masih di ofis.. pakcik-pakcik sedang gago men-declare tax secara online..

Pakcik E : Uiyoo.. saya kena refund RM100+.. bolehlah.. daripada membayar..
Pakcik A : aiiyaaa… saya kena bayar RM4k +++ lah.. aduuhh..
Pakcik N ketawa terbahak-bahak bersama-sama dengan Pakcik E.
Pakcik E : Cuba u try kasi tambah 1 bini lagi, tengok berapa mau bayar..
Pakcik A : Kurang RM1k saja..
Pakcik E : ohh.. kalau begitu u simpan 4 bini lah.. u kan masih ada 3 quota..
Pakcik A : alaaa.. masih jugak ada bayar kalau 4 bini..
Pakcik E dan Pakcik N sekali lagi ketawa terbahak-bahak.. dan si makcik S pun ikut ketawa..

note : Makcik S = makcik sheila.. =P


Its Saturday again and Im @ the office… yes.. I repeat.. Its Saturday!!! and im at the office!!! working!!! not that i dont want to.. rezeki mesti di cari.. duduk rumah diam-diam duit tidak akan datang melompat-lompat.. besides, Im working on shift.. so next week, on weekdays, I’ll be at home still sleeping until noon..

I went to Columbia Asia again this morning for my appointment with Dr. Clarence.. mintak excuse from my boss to go out for a while..

Seems like everything is fine except for my chest pain.. He referred me to Dr. Wong, one of the physician(ngam kah spelling?) specialist..

Unlike Dr. Clarence, Dr. Wong is more to happy-face-all-day type of doctor.. he greeted me.. asked me what is wrong.. consulted me.. do action when talking.. Dr. Clarence is more like doctor-ikut-buku-garis-panduan.. but both of them are specialist so no worries.. cuma the way their consultation are different..

So according to the physician, the chest pain might be due to my confinement period.. yalah.. mandi..kipas..air-cond and all.. He asked me whether I mandi during my confinement.. If not mistaken lah..on the 3rd day sudah mandi.. coz i remembered Dr. Ramesh punya pesanan to mandi n clean the stitches.. if not jadi hitam n rupa macam daki.. eekkk~ Tapi saya mandi pakai ubat herba yang bikin buang angin tuhh… Maybe because I didnt take enuff ubatan jamuan.. mama nda berani bagi macam2 dulu sebab I didnt gave birth normally.. jadi takut ubat-ubat kampung tu might effect the luka dalaman..

But he gave me vitamins.. B+ complex and iberet folic. Havent google about iberet folic yet.. To consume it once a day for 5 days straight..

erm.. lets rewind.. weeewoooooo weeeeewooooo..
While waiting for the admin to register my appointment, I saw a few pampletes on the table.. One of them was the Pap Smear & breast examination package that they provide.. around RM300.. ok jugak tu.. for the sake of health kan.. Terima kasih Encik Kerang!!! Tapi i didnt have the chance to ask the admin regarding the package..

Inside Dr. Clarence room, after checking me n gave me my hepatitis b 2nd dose (i went there for my hep b actually), he suggested me to do the pap smear & breast examination.. TODAY!.. dang.. im not ready.. i need to google about it first so that I can be mentally prepared and proceed with the procedure.. Just so you know, few days before my scheduled c-sec, I actually you-tube-ing.. looking for c-sec punya video of procedure of operation.. sebab tu i know how they did the spinal which makes me stucked in front of the operation room last year.. refer here.. and OMG!.. i just realised that i updated the day-i-become-a-mommy entry was 2-days after my delivery.. ish ish ish..

Anyhoo… since that saya masih sedang bendera Jipun.. so doctor not able to do the examination.. have to wait for my next appointment.. pheeewww.. nanti malam I google for it..