Just had my lunch while my collegues (unclesss- unclesss) were busy discussing about the Post Retirement Medical Insurance provided by ******* (tidak payah kira bintang2 tu n teka company apa sebab I just simply put the stars there.. i dun even know how to spell their company name :P)

At first, I was kinda interested.. one of my collegue explained to me the benefits etc.. he suggest me to take the rm10k plan for retirement insurance, where I only have to pay RM400+++ once a year. It is based on my age and gender.. Female’s insurance are more cheaper than male’s because based on their observation plus evidence etc, because perempuan susah sakit!.. hehe.. but that was based on their surveys n polls where Qada’ & Qadar were not bring into consideration..

Tiba-tiba, one of my collegue cut off our conversation, advicing me to NOT to take the plan.. after few consideration, based on their senior-experience then I decided not to take it.. he he he.. padahal baru angan-angan mau make over my monthly expenses .. Sorry, those so-called-consideration cant be mention here due to case sensitive.. :p

I know.. I know.. this is sooooooo oh-so-boring entry..

Jadi, will update more tonite.. no.. not about these insurance thingy again..

PS : all lame stuffs are hopping around inside my brain.. that explains the oh-so-boring entry..