Laporan lawatan sambil Belajar

Tadi pagi, lawatan sambil belajar di Rafflesia Medical Center, KK..


Ni lah rombongan nya.. Abang (yang segak dengan baju Celcomnya), Mama, Mum-in-law & Kak Nibung.. termasuk saya and Enchek Kedek (tiada dalam gambar)..

Enchek Kedek tiada dalam laporan ni sebab dia ialah cameraman.. and saya ialah sedang tebaring atas katil di consultation room ni..

Actually, I went for my 1-weekly check-up tadi.. masuk bulan ke-8 ni, memang tiap 1 minggu sudah check-up..

At the same time, Kak Nibung yang sedang pregnant 3 months pun ada check up jugak.. dia mau tinguk macam mana rupa baby nya dalam perut.. general clinic yang Kak Nibung pegi for her every monthly check-up teda scanning machine..

Jadi, my check-up di mulakan dengan Dr. Ramesh membelek-belek my report book.. e eh.. buku pink tuh..

Unfortunately, I have to do another blood test and HIV test lagi sebab previous clinic (Klinik Ibu dan Anak Bintulu) ada buat test tu but never produce the result.. ish.. terpaksa buat 2 kali..

Then, doktor check2 my monthly report..

Since that from my previous visit to Dr. Patrick di Sibu, mengatakan bahawa baby songsang/breech, so I inform lah Dr. Ramesh regarding that matter..

: ei.. ni normal ni..

Sambil pointing to the latest report from Dr. Masniah punya latest report i.e on 3rd Dec..

reportNotice the word that I circled?

ceph_edited I told Dr. Ramesh that the report was written even without proper procedure of scanning..

Even just by raba-raba my tummy also I can tell that my baby’s head di atas.. instead of head down position..

So to make things clear, kami pun meng-scan baby…

scan… and the result was..


Three types of breech.. doctor told me that mine was the first one, frank Breech..

br picSo the conclusion here was, I AM NOT GOING TO THE SAME DOCTOR IN BINTULU ANYMORE..

Memang sudah di takdirkan oleh Nya yang baby saya songsang..

Tapi, as a doctor kan, patutnya, buat/check/scan betul2 lah kan.. dont just simply assume..

Jadi, Dr. Ramesh punya pesanan :

Boleh urut but Rafflesia tidak membuat servis urut mengurut ni.. other clinic or hospital maybe ada..

“No matter how teror your makcik/nenek di kampung was, jangan lah urut.. not recommended.. If you mau pegi jugak, dont come here and see me again.. go to other doctor..i’ve seen to many dead babbies already” 

Urutan tradisional urut pakai tangan.. they dont have scanning machine.. semasa urut, u have to consider where your placenta and tali pusat is.. kalau just simply pusing, u never know.. and air ketuban pun harus di consider.. if u ever experience leaking of air ketuban, urut also not allowed.. 

“the amount of air ketuban doesnt have anything to do with how much water u drink/consume everyday”..

Doctor Ramesh sangat best.. pesanan dia about ‘how terer your makcik/nenek di kampung tuh’ dia pesan when saya ngam-ngam depan pintu time mau keluar from the consultation room..

I’ve done some information reading jugak on the net.. C-section was the most safest way to deliver a breech baby, altho ada jugak a few risk such as bleeding, infection and longer hospital stays for both the mother and her baby.. Normal birth can be done but possibility for the tali pusat untuk tersepit time baby keluar tu ada.. result from tali pusat yang tersepit, kurang oksigen yang pegi to the baby’s brain and may cause brain damage..

Some breech babies may be safely delivered from the vagina. However, more complications can occur if the baby is breech. A baby who is breech may be very small, or it may have birth defects that are caused by a breech delivery. When breech babies are delivered vaginally, they are more likely to be injured during or after delivery than babies that are delivered head-first. Babies delivered vaginally in a breech position are also more likely to develop a birth defect where the baby’s hip socket and the thighbone become separated. Complications with the umbilical cord are also more likely in babies who are delivered vaginally in a breech position (for example, the umbilical cord is more likely to be compressed during delivery, which can cause nerve and brain damage due to lack of oxygen).

External Cephalic Version (ECV) ialah one of the method jugak.. baby were re-position to head-down first with the assistant of scanning machine..

Many women who have normal pregnancies may have external cephalic version. Women who cannot have it are women who have one of the following:

  • Vaginal bleeding
  • A placenta that is near or covering the opening of the uterus
  • A nonreactive nonstress test
  • An abnormally small baby
  • A low level of fluid in the sac that surrounds and protects the baby
  • An abnormal fetal heart rate
  • Premature rupture of the membranes
  • Twins or other multiple pregnancy

So in my condition now, possibility of the baby to turn are low..

Mau tidak mau, mesti operate.. at least at my 38 weeks i.e approximately on x’mas eve.. to differ the date are almost impossible.. reason was, the operation must be done before the air ketuban pecah, before baby punya buttocks ready mau keluar suda and before the mommy suda start rasa sakit a.k.a contraction..

Hope that everything berjalan dengan selamat..

.. and another thing, gender baby masih belum dapat tengok.. referring to the baby’s position now, Frank Breech, memang area gender tu tertutup habis..

On the way back from Rafflesia, Enchek Kedek cakap..

Nanti suruhlah anak masuk kelas gymnastic kan.. terer suda dia bend-bend badan dia dalam perut..

See.. panjang kan laporan my 1-weekly check up this time.. nanti kalau anak suda besar and pandai membaca, suruh dia baca blog mommy nya ni.. sediakan dictionary jugak lah..