Again.. about Rocky the soooo rock headed cat..

I was late to work this morning..
I woke up on time.. sempat sembahyang Subuh..
I packed my bekal..
I even woke hubby up to tell him that Im off to work..

Its just that si Rocky really are getting on my nerves..

I open the front door so very quietly coz I know Rocky was outside the house, wondering around most probably.. and I dont want him to noticed me..

I slowly start up the car..
Put all my stuffs in the car n locked the front door when suddenly si Rocky datang..
aiyaaaaahhhhhhhhh…. really really aiyahhhhh…..

Then he started meow-ing very loud.. Irritating.. feel like wanna kick his ass.. which I really did..
Mana tidak, i was in a hurry, masuk dalam kereta, belum sempat tutup pintu kereta, suda kepala dia tertonjol di tepi..
I tolak him.. dia masuk balik.. tolak.. masuk balik.. tolak.. masuk balik..
Sampai tahap yang sangat geram, I kicked him, pun DIA MASUK BALIK JUGAK!!!!

Then I threw.. yes.. I threw him AWAY~
then kelam-kabut reverse kereta..
Ada lagi dia muncul..
I put him on top of the concrete gate then kelam kabut reverse..
Dia pi lompat and mau ikut lagi kereta.. adui..

I close the gate n put him on the concrete gate again and vrooooom away~..

Bukan apa, takut terlanggar bah..
Kucing ni kan ada sot sikit..
Terlampau manja sampai orang mau pi kerja pun dia mau ikut..

Tapi seriously, pagi tadi rasa macam mau lempar ja dia pi sebelah rumah..


Finally, managed to make a phone call/conversation with Kak Jauyah, wife of my collegue..

Months ago, I asked my collegue whether he knows any baby-sitter who willing to sit for new-born baby.. Obviously for me lah.. Since both me n hubby are working 12-hours per day and my work schedule were NEVER fixed, there are possibilities that me n hubby both work on the same day.. And Im not confident of Smokie to take care of my baby.. hehe..

My collegue asked me to asked his wife because before this, his wife did sit for babies/small kids.
He gave me his wife phone number, which I peram in my handphone for a month. I was malu bah.. nda biasa kan~

But then, last nite i managed to call her.. She told me that she got no problem with that. But she did asked me whether I trust her to took care of my baby.. Soalan yang susah mau di jawab.. Macam mana mau jawab.. I called her because I trust her.. So I answered YES..

The planning was, whenever me n hubby both work at the same day, then she gonna have to sit for the baby.. otherwise, its on our own.. dont want to burden her too much.. but she did offer to sit the baby whenever Im on nite shift n hubby on off days.. manatau Enchek Kedek x mau jaga kalau malam.. Tapi Enchek Kedek, seorang yang sedang excited hendak menjadi BAPAK, after watching Papadom, said that kalau malam pun, dia lah jaga..

Seriously, after watching Papadom, dia sangat gembira.. and I know, rite that moment, macam-macam sudah tu bermain dalam kepala dia.. He even asked me, ‘Bolehkah buat macam tu dengan anak?’.. (referring to Afdlin Shauki yang bawak bekal Papadom for Miasara & friends at school).. and I said ‘NO’.. sangat tidak Daddy Cool..

Kak J also recommended one person from Miri who knows and memang sudah biasa mengurut orang mengandung.. Tapi, the thing is, Mum-in-law sangat tidak mau me go for urut.. Even when the baby breech.. But I heard that kalau operation/C-section, susah mau jaga during pantang.. jadi, bingung jugak..

Few days ago, Enchek Kedek mengeluarkan satu idea..

Kalau lah… KALAU LAH, kitak betul-betul kena operate, kasitau doktor tuh, suruh buat Liposuction terus..