Me n my so-called preparations~

Three more days, and Im off to KK.. cuti panjang starts on the 8th Dec..

My due date is on 7th January.. Company provide 2-months for maternity leave.. and everybody around me kept on saying, ‘Awal jugak kau cuti..bila jugak due date..’ and I am sooooo tired of hearing it.. Biarlah bah.. company kasi 2 bulan.. n I can use my own cuti.. kalau susah sangat, cuti tanpa gaji lah..

8th Dec tu actually, kira-kira 3 weeks before due date.. After doing some information reading on books and the net, said that babies are most likely to born either 2-weeks before or after due date.. So, ngam lah my planning tuh.. Besides, im going back to KK by car.. MAS and AA only allowed up to 35-weeks ja..

Two cars will be used.. Si Sentra n Si Kelisa.. but after that, Sentra tinggal di KK and only Kelisa balik Bintulu.. reason is, so that hubby dont have to drive back to KK again on the 1st January (for a long leave also..).. pakai flight ja.. n bila me habis cuti, bawak Sentra balik..

I bought few baby stuffs, as an early preparation, since that we are driving back.. Sedia ja lah.. Tapi macam over beli on baby towels.. hehe.. Aussino’s Babies are shhoooooo cute~ cant help it.. must buy.. hehe~

Preparation for hubby also ada.. TV & PS3 so that he wont get bored at home.. Tapi, most of the time, when Im in KK, his days will be filled with overtime.. yeah.. working like crazy kan..

Its festive season and school holidays.. Few people in other shift took Xmas leave.. So dia ganti lah..

Preparation for me pulak? My doctor had already faxed the referral letter to our doctor in Lutong.. and she as well already produced a guarantee letter for me in Rafflesia.. which means, no out of pocket money.. the guarantee letter guarantees the medical center that all expences are on company’s account.. Syukur…

And Im thinking of installing a water heater in KK’s house.. senang mau mandi air panas.. but havent discuss with dad yet.. tapi after he read my post ni, consider suda discuss lah.. kan pak?

Apa lagi ah.. owh.. our extra room in Bintulu’s house suda clear.. Bibik Ica done a good job on that.. but 2 hari jugak lah dia buat kerja-kerja pembersihan tuh.. tapi untung.. sambil dia membersih, sambil tu dia banyak dapat barang.. I mean, last time, I used to buy a lot of toiletteries stuff which in the end, tidak pernah habis.. BANYAK!

Backpack pun banyak.. Company kasi.. Lucky draw.. Betul lah Ica cakap.. macam2 barang ada dalam bilik tuh.. But at least, after she cleaned it, satu tilam dapat masuk bilik tu..

More preparations coming soon.. di KK lah..