Entry 1 jam baru siap..

Have u ever spent a big amount on just a single handbag?

How much do u really spent?

Do u asked for anybody’s (that is close to you like mother, sister, boyfriend, husband) opinion before purchasing the single-but-expensive-handbag?

erm… Just asking.. because there’s one handbag that I really fancy… eh correction, I really really really really really fancy..

I can afford it myself.. its just that Im not comfortable buying it without telling my husband.. huhuhu..

I told him about my intension this morning during breakfast.. FYI, I prepared a western breakfast for him.. see.. how I really am trying hard to ambik hati my husband..

Nasib jugak ndak tersembur the french fries from his mouth after I told him the price…

Then he started asking, what brand? from where did i hear bout that brand? why must buy something that is really expensive?

Then he started ugut-ing me by saying that he want to change the sport rim of his car, change his car’s engine and to buy that flat screen tv which I dont approve..

In the end, he said that I’m just making it worst.. setting a higher standard to myself, which then in the end, I am no more longer gonna use something that is below the standard of the bag.. alalala..

True what he said.. but i have evidence to prove him wrong.. but still, what he said might be true..

But after chatting with Ninaq Lyn in FB just now, makes me realize.. I do fancy the handbag and its my own choice whether I want to buy it or not..

But its just not fair for my hubby lah coz he’s been wanting to buy a PS3 since before we get married.. tapi semua on hold because he simpan duit for kahwin.. for house + isi rumah (coming soon my kitchen cabinet.. hehehe..).. for me, his greedy wife..

Really cost him a lot jugak lah.. and really not a good timing for me to purchase anything beyond my usual expenditure because we have additional family member coming next year.. yeayy..

OK lah.. not gonna buy that handbag..

I need to save up money to buy him a PS3 lah..

Lama jugak baru my entry ni siap.. sebab sambil-sambil chatting with Ninaq Lyn..

*My decision officially changed from want to buy the bag(awal-awal paragraph) to not to buy the bag (last-last paragraph)..

Actually hubby suda cakap ‘beli lah handbag tuh’ just before he tidur petang.. but i didnt.. And Im proud of myself for making such a mature decison.. I’ll reward myself with an ice-cream later..

Enjoy your day people~

Malam Perempuan di KKB

Friday nite.. malam perempuan KKB.. most of the perempuans are our company’s staff and wife to company’s staff..

First rule was, mesti perempuan, then u can attend the partayyy.. duh~

Jadi, I went there with man Panjang’s wife.. hubby sent us since that KKB in on the way to our plant, and hubby was working nite shift that nite..

I went back early from the office that day.. usually 6.30 kan.. tp since that Enchek Kedek yang hantar, so i must go back early, siap early then off to KKB early..

Nasib anjang baik hati.. willing to come early for his shift..

Then off we go to the malam perempuan..

IMG_2892 IMG_2956 IMG_2986 IMG_2987

Activity banyak.. but most of it are dancing lah.. due to my condition yang sedang memboyot, saya cuma join the poco-poco.. yang lain, pass saja..

Ada satu orang aunty tu.. pakai battery Duracell.. nda pandai habis bateri oh.. apa ja lagu, semua dia hantam.. satu lagu ja lah yang dia give up, lagu Iban.. kali sebab tariannya slow motion..tapi lain-lain lagu, be it dangdut, disco, joget ataupun lagu Lil Jon feat Pit Bull tu, semua dia sapu habis.. tinggal moonwalk ja dia nda dapat buat..mau cakap mabuk, nda jugak sebab kami kena serve non-alchoholic drinks only.. tapi best lah.. sporting kan..

Selama ini, apa2 function company, lucky draw tu memang wajib.. cuma I never lucky enough to get the prize.. tapi on that malam perempuan, Im the 2nd lucky person.. hehehe.. dapat hamper.. but I gave it to Min (baby Efa).. semua makanan manis2 untuk budak2..

Overall, the nite was great.. cuma I spent most of the nite just sitting and taking pictures.. nda larat mau ikut dorang menari.. lagipun baru balik kerja time tu..

Anyway, looking forward for next year punya malam perempuan.. maybe by that time, Im able to shake my booty.. hehehe…

Baby’s Day out..

Baby Min’s day out..

Went to Efa’s house yesterday morning.. Efa is a friend of mine from  Poli.. Married with one daughter, Min.. I forgot Min’s full name.. panjang lah..

I was greeted by Min at the front door, she greeted me but I cannot understand.. Baby talk lah kan.. But the thing is, she never stop talking.. Cute..

Few pics taken during the day out.. I just cant stop taking pics of her.. coz she’s one adorable lil girl..



Ini time belum panas enjin.. Masih malu-malu lagi..

14112009493 14112009494

Ini start suda buat macam-macam aksi di Nose & kedai computer..


Suka mau bergambar..


Pandai berlakon.. and si Smokie betul-betul takut dengan si Min ni.. kembang-kembang ja bulu ekor Smokie and Rocky dalam cage bila si Min tarik kerusi duduk depan dorang..


   Cute butt.. Baru pandai jalan, tapi jalan macam itik hehe.. ndak pandai berenti makan.. banyak cakap.. Oh.. di New world mall tu, dia jalan sendiri2 pi tengok mannequiin depan kedai sambil tepuk2 tangan..


By the way, sama kan???