Jundeco Stickers Contest

This woman in the picture is actually having a rough time thinking of what should she do with the newly bought house..

Totally zero knowledge about interior design..

Luckily there’s Jundeco stickers..
Jundeco offers variety of wall sticker which extremely caught my eyes.. and of course with affordable and reasonable price..
*now imagine my eyes with dollar-signs
**also imagine butterfly flies out of my husband’s pocket

and there’s moreeeeee….

Few days ago, when I was surfing the net.. I came upon to mombloggers who happened to shout out loud, calling all mombloggers members and readers to a contest..

Such a perfect contest which I am soooooo gonna try my luck..
Check out the contest page here

Read and understand the terms and conditions.. ( altho u might need to read it back over and over again.. for a clearer picture bah..)
The prizes???
First Prize – RM100 worth of stickers (1x)
Second Prize – RM80 worth of stickers (1x)
Third Prize – RM60 worth of stickers (1x)
See… see… lumayan kan?

This is the wall sticker which really ‘korek-my-eyes-out’…

Perfect for feature wall or even wall divider…

In order to get extra ticket ( because this contest is based on lucky draw), these are the options which can increase the possibility of winning this contest..

One blog entry with contest banner on sidebar – dOnE
Follow/Join MomBloggersPlanet with Google Friend Connect – dOnE
Follow MomBloggersPlanet on Twitter – dOnE
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Bah.. marilah..

* Kalau nda menang, beli sendiri ja lah..

Kitty cat

Hari ni first day kerja..
Hari yang sangat tidak produktif..
Penat.. Boring.. Mengantuk..

Menghayal depan PC..
Rupa-rupanya the cat stares at me back..
Kami saling berpandangan..

Mungkin dia boring..
So dia pun tidur..
Saya pun, ikut jugak melelapkan mata seminit-dua minit..