My tummy getting bigger and bigger day by day..
My pants & shirts are getting tighter..
Even my santut also sakit oledi to pakai..
Just sharing..
Today I bought Triumph Mamabel underwear for preggy mommies..

I bought 5 pairs..
Really.. Very.. SANGAT comfortable..
Dont feel like u r wearing any..
haha.. tipu..
What Im trying to say is that, the material were so lembut and strechable..
Able to cover the whole tummy.. and still got space for my tummy to grow..
And it doesnt stress my tummy.. Im still able to breath when Im sitting down..
Pendek kata, memang for preggie mommy..

*The salesgirl offered me a disposable undies instead of this mamabel.. (-_-*)

Our new crib!!!

This is the house that we bought in Bintulu..
Belum ada apa-apa lagi.. still pending with the tauke grill..
*picture over-expose.. malas mau tukar setting..*

Main door of the house..
Enchek Kedek mau tukar the sliding door to wooden door..
But since that I care too much about the air ventilation, so no wooden door please..
Ok bah jugak sliding door.. Sudah jugak my mum kasi sewa her curtain.. hehehe..
Belum ada budget untuk buat curtain sendiri lagi..

This is the living room..

The kitchen.. with good air ventilation.. pastikan dapur akan sentiasa berasap..

Master bedroom punya toilet..

The 2nd toilet..

The only master bedroom punya pic that I took..


Soon-to-be project.. tanam rumput lembu..
RM3 per square feet.. jadi, after kira-kira area of this compound, kami tanam lalang dulu lah.. 😛
Ada orang mau tanam pokok dabai jugak di sini..

*Halau semut*

Photo-taker of the day..
* that explained all the not-so-cantik picture *

Due to photo-taker yang kepenatan, sikit ja gambar yang di ambil..
More pictures coming soon, once ada perubahan to the house already..