Morning routine

Malas betul mau bangun awal pagi hari ni..
Tapi terbiasa suda..
Besides, forgot to off my morning alarm..
Alarm tu jam 5.15 pagi ah.. sudah lah pakai lagu ‘Girls Just Wanna Have Fun’ versi The Chipmunks..
Apa kena mengena Girls wanna have fun dengan bangun awal pagi??
I think I should change my ringtones for the morning alarm..
Lagipun, my husband found that it was pretty annoying..
Ala.. apa lagu pun, asal morning alarm, memang annoying..

On working days, alarm jam 5.15 tu, akan di SNOOZE kan 2-3 kali..
Which in the end, bangun jam 5.45.. siap2, solat Subuh, iron baju kalau malam tu belum iron (which is everyday..belum insaf lagi mau iron baju awal) and off to work.. sampai ofis, mesti ngam2 jam 6.30 di gate..
Kalau gate belum buka, haf to wait for like 1 mins for the autogate.. then kalau the security bawak cerita (which I usually layan dengan ketawa kecil sambil buat muka emergency mau masuk kerja), ada lah 2-3 minit jugak terbuang..
Then mau reverse park lagi.. aduh.. kalau pakai Kelisa senang, zoom zoom zoom ja masuk parking..
Kalau pakai si Sentra.. alala.. maju mundur maju mundur lah..

Few days ago I started to merepak again.. coz si Chin parked his car ngam2 atas line..
I just park lah… tapi conform mimang dia nda dapat buka his door.. hahaha..
Then bila dia mau balik..

: Ok.. Im going back..
: OK~
: Chin, i think i need to move my car.. or do u think u can fit in?(sarcastically)
: Oh.. i dont think so..
: Itulah you.. parking pun ngam2 on the line..
: Last nite tiada orang bah.. hehehe..
: Kalau tiada orang, u parking di tengah2 sini lah (pointing to the 2-spaced parking lot)
: Ok..Ok.. sorry sorry..
And all the uncle2 di BOCC kasi ketawa..

You see.. when I start to merepak, my voice will automatically changed.. jadi macam makcik makcik.. sambil gulung lengan baju sampai siku and tangan kiri di pinggang while tangan kanan tunjuk2 the parking lot..

*No hard feeling involved in this situation actually.. *
**Im hungry.. I want to eat roti canai**

Reason for me to scream

Few things on my mind right now..

Thinking of joining one/two of the contest in MBP..

Tomorrow I’ll be on my 3 days leave.. Lot of things need to be done.. especially packing our stuff.. too many stuffs.. which I think, even if I threw it all away, I wont even notice what I was missing.. These stuffs been in the boxes for like, since we moved here.. n I dont even bother to unpack it.. still in the box..
Maybe I should have a look and throw anything that is not necessary..
* BiniKedek= Si pengumpul harta karun*

Since that tomorrow also is payday, need to settle all the necessary payments.. car, crdt card etc.. Then I know how much money do I have left and can start buying NECESSARY stuff for our new house.. Stuffs like dapur gas and tong gas are still not in our list since that we are planning on makan luar only..

And something is bothering me now…

I hate u.. I hate u hate u hate u…..


* Masih kisah sedih tentang si-bini-kedek-yang-suda-tidak-mempunyai-laptop*

Sejak my laptop di handover kan to my dear dad, me and Enchek Kedek starts sharing 1 laptop ody..

And since that, Im the one who always give chance to him to use his lappy, since that it was his..

Kadang-kadang sampai tertidur-tidur ni menunggu kena kasi chance..

Tapi kalau suda tertidur, mana lagi dia mau kasi bangun kan.. jadi dia go-ahead ja ber Mafia Wars sampai tengah malam..

Cerita semalam pulak… saya kena senggol oleh dia.. senggol is like menolak menggunakan punggung kan??

huhuhuhuhu..sebab dia mau main Mafia Wars… but Im glad that he seldom DOTA-ing lagi..

Tapi kena senggol… huhuhu.. and dia boleh buat muka nda tau ja lepas menyenggol orang..

Nasib saya tidak terpelanting…

Lepas kena senggol, duduk diam-diam sampai kena bagi chance pakai his lappy..

Baby Bag 2

I got the 50% discount e-voucher on Gin & Jacqie bags plus 10% discount e-voucher for designers handbags from BAGSKAKI ..

Now Im able to get one of those cute baby bags at half price.. Thinking of getting the purple one.. But my hubby doesnt like PURPLE.. anything that is PURPLE is a no-no-no for him.. *sigh*

If I know the gender of my baby, Id probably take the Pink one for girl or the Blue one for Boy..

But does it really matter?? I like Pink.. So pink it is..

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