Pregnancy Info

I’ve been experiencing stomach cramps since after Raya.. which caused me ALMOST admitted to Hospital Likas.. but since that I was very afraid of what procedure they might to do on me, I tried to have enough rest and not to do a lot of work..

But just few minutes ago, the cramps came again.. But this time, the cramp was a bit lighter than the previous one i.e. during after Raya..

So since that memang ngam2 depan computer, I tried looking for information about the cramp, which also known as ‘Premature Contraction’ as what hubby’s aunty told me.. She happens to be a midwife in Sibu..

and I came across this (sila pandang bawah)..

I experienced all these symptoms except for 2nd and last symptoms..

and these are the warning signs of premature labour.. WARNING SIGNS bah.. aduii..

hubby wanna bring me to the hospital later.. but Im still afraid.. stupid of me.. huhuhu.. I wan my mum..