Merdeka Cereal

What I need:

A container

Two variety of my favourite cereal

Steps :

1. Put the 1st favourite cereal into the container.

2. Same goes with the 2nd favourite cereal.

3. And it will be something like this.

4. Shake… shake.. shake.. shake..shake..

5. And..walllllaaaa… Easy for me to bring to the office.. I dont haf to bring both of the cereal boxes.. Just add water and i’m ready to dig in..

These methods are convinience.. especially for somebody like me who works in shift and doesnt even bother to left my food stock at the office..
Biarlah kereta yang berhamburan.. Biarlah laki marah tiap kali tinguk back seat yang penuh dengan makanan mcm tongkang pecah.. as long as I dont haf to left my stock in the office..
All i haf to do is to refill it everytime im out of stock..
Lagipun, bidak jugak ni tinguk perempuan bawak banyak makanan pi office.. berplastik-plastik.. berbakul-bakul.. sudahlah bulan puasa.. nda puasa lagi..
But hey, I haf my own reason..

No food consumed = Air-lock = Need to depressurize = Bleed out by vomitting

*i just lurve using these technical words…

* I used the term ‘Merdeka cereal’ because i realize this method on Merdeka day.. so there it goes..

Happy Sunday everybody.. – Part 2-

I know its not Sunday.. Just wanna update on few activities i’ve done yesterday…

First, it was the saloon. I went out around 11.30 am.. so approximately I reached the saloon at 12 noon. I was driving around to look for a good saloon here. There’s an Alan Inspiration Saloon here.. but not as same as Miri one.. Jauuuuuh berbeza.. Sangat bikin panas.. Hair treatment pun tiada. So I tried f.saloon.. they use Revlon product.. before this, I m more to L’oreal and Keratase.. But lets give a try on Revlon..

The hairstylist was soooo very extra hardworking.. so he offered me all these stuffs. Of course due to the condition of my hair and scalp.. He checked my scalp.. pres are too big.. might be having trouble with oily hair.. n i said yes.. memang pun.. even cuci everyday pun stil oily in the end of the day.. So he recommended me the green bottle on the far left. Then my way was soo nipis.. and he offered me a volumizing shampoo which I immediately took.. been looking for that kind of shampoo lama suda.. paling last, Pantene used to come out with that shampoo. tapi now teda suda.. Then i do hair treatment lagi and cut my hair..

‘Saya mau u potong rambut saya macam Bunga Citra Lestari..’
‘Siapa itu?’
‘Oh..u tidak kenal kah??’
Memang lah dia tidak kenal.. Di saloon dia tu pun memang main lagu cina ja pun.. Anyway, I brought a pic which I googled earlier.. Senang sikit.. ini lah hasilnya..

Rambut ala-ala Bunga.. Tapi rambut bunga sebelah panjang sebelah pendek.. Nda mau lah..

Next, off to the pet shop.. JJ Pet SHop..
I bought..

I forced the kitten to pura-pura minum or makan.. tapi dia are more eager to join the other sibling playing.. huhu.. jadi pelakon pun nda pandai..

Lastly, I went to the supermarket to buy groceries.. coz I cooked sungkai for hubby and his friend, Wan Razaleigh.. Menu?.. Laksa Sarawak!!.. yeaaa..

Ini bahan-bahan before masuk kuah laksa..

Selepas masuk kuah laksa.. See the big prawn Im using?? Kalau di bazar Ramadhan, memang tidak akan jumpa udang macam tu.. cucu udang yang they use.. super extra small.. Wan said, the prawn that I used, if for bussiness, ‘Sik Dapat Beli Mercedez”..

Then hubby want me to be the laksa-eating model…

I think that is all for now..
oday, another session of masak-memasak lagi.. Today must do the cucur cempedak.. Yesterday tidak sempat.. Because it took me soo long to figure out how to open the cempedak…

Happy Sunday everybody..

I am going out today, ALONE.. hubby is working..

Checklist for todays outing :

1. Pet Store!!!
Buy cat plate for Smokie’s baby.. they r started eating ody..
Buy litter box for Smokie’s kitty also.. they know how to do their bussiness ody..

2. Saloon!!!
I need to cut my hair again.. and maybe to do treatment on it, since that hubby
wont let me do hair straightening.
Manicure and pedicure still in consideration.. maybe yes, maybe not..

3. Supermarket!!!
Im going to cook today.. Hubby requested for Laksa Sarawak.. So I need to get
prawns from the supermarket. Not market ah.. Im not really into going to market
when Im alone..
Also need to get buah cempedak.. Gonna make cucur cempedak today.. Yummy..

I think that is all.. Hope that the Saloon session wont take too long..


PINK all the waaayy~

Setelah letih-lesu penat-lelah menggunakan lappy without mouse and kadang2 berebut sampai merajuk mau pakai mouse laki tapi dia nda bagi.. at last, today laki ‘kasi can’ and bought me a new mouse!!!..

Its Logitech.. Laki punya pilihan coz he said, that is the only brand that he trust for stuff like that..and its pink n i loike it..
Actually it came with a lot of print paterns.. ada tapak kaki puppy, harimau punya stripes etc.. Laki asked me to choose the harimau punya belang.. tapi, that is sooo not me..

So, I bought a mouse pad and a hand wrist rest.. also pink.. each cost rm9.. total rm18 lah.. by the way, the mouse costs RM49.. Im sure other places like Miri or KK bit more cheaper.. why??.. because ini Bintulu bah.. everything mahal.. even groceries pun mahal rm1 than other places..

Gonna get use with the mouse because my finger keep on tapping on the touchpad..
My previous mouse?.. I dunno.. Must be somewhere in those boxes downstairs.. which have not yet been unpacked.. sama jugak.. nanti nda lama pindah rumah lagi.. better just let the boxes be that way until we moved again..

-> Pink mouse, pink mouse pad and pink hand wrist rest in action..

DOTA-ing ja Kerja

Hubby was soo gila into this mafia wars thingy.. He woke up, terus menghadap his lappy.. Siang malam with his lappy.. Kalau tidak pun, sibuk main DOTA..

And rasa puas hati me towards him pun ada.. Bini depan mata, dia nda layan.. Mafia wars and DOTA yang dia layan.. When I talked to him, dia tidak jawab pun.. 100% concentration on the games..

So, last nite I thought, better i update blog.. tiada orang kacau..

Tapi my sangkaan meleset.. time orang sibuk menaip tu lah macam2 dia mau bercerita.. Terpaksa saya layan jugak.. Sudah habis satu topic dia cerita, dia stop.. then I can hear the DOTA punya bunyi suda.. as if he’s gonna start DOTA-ing oledi..
PUN TIDAK… dia cerita lagi.. senyum-senyum lagi tuh.. i was thinking of marah him.. but then, I will be just like with him.. Marah me during his DOTA-ing session..

Last2, dia sendiri admit, ‘kamek banyak cakap kah?’ … ‘IYAAAA…’…
then he stopped.. so i thought he gonna start DOTA-ing lah..
NOOOOO… dia bercakap lagi… Sabar…

k lah.. kasi peluang lah..

Oh, by the way, sayang, if u r reading this (he says that he will only read my blog after every 4 days..), please take note..


yeaa.. got it from here ..
Quiet a lot of variety for you to choose.. the owner even listed a few websites that also offers FREE templates..

I was doing house-keeping on my blog the whole day yesterday.. Seems like there’s a lot of junx i put on my side bar.. so decided to clear em off and just put something like ticker (for me to remember my wedding annivessary..).. and a few cute stuff which I cannot the kitty clock..

Noticed the ‘I Love Malaysia’ logo on the right side of the page??? CLICK IT .. and u might win urself a 3gs iPhone.. click lah.. click lah.. all u haf to do is just to fill in the form.. and at the refferal email, put .. that is my email add actually.. lame kan?… form 4 punya email add bah that.. zaman kanak-kanak riang..

anyhooo, this is not a who-got-the-most-refferal contest win.. they will pick the winner randomly.. even if u baru haf one referral. be sure to ask ur friend to fill in the form and put ur email as referral oso.. then, if u happens to be the 3gs iphone winner, then the person who u put as oso will win something. but im not sure what that something is.. So, CLICK IT!!.. just trying my luck actually..

Pros & Cons of having a cat

We brought Smokie and her baby kitty to the vet this evening..
For Smokie’s yearly vaccination.. and also to check on one of her kitty yang macam kena fungal infection..

Smokie before this pernah kena bawak to this vet.. because she was stung by an insect (nda tau apa.. kejadian ketika tuannya sedang tidur..).. then one of her leg lebam.. sakit lah.. from what my own eyes saw (through the video MMS yang hubby sent to me), memang dia kesakitan.. approach and meow-ing sambil buat action kaki dia sakit.. She was then kena bius.. then the doctor shaved her leg then ada lah a few procedures that they did..

So kira she has a bad memory with the doctor lah.. kena inject.. kena shaved..

So just now at the vet, atas meja tempat she supposed to be checked by the doctor, also the same table where she was injected, she seems shivering n muka macam takut lah.. we let her out of her traveller cage tapi dia masuk balik n parking duduk dalam-dalam.. Kesian.. Terpaksa paksa dia keluar.. After injected the vacci, ok pulak.. relax ja..

Then the kitty pulak yang kena check.. Actually among the 3 kittens, the one which got the fungal infection is the cutest.. macam kesian pulak kalau di biar ja.. coz her fur on the infected area, buruk..macam terbakar pun ada.. So the doctor gave the med.. ubat sapu ja lah.. no harm even if they lick their fur.. sapu until ada sign of bulu baru tumbuh..then can stop sapu-ing the med..

Plus minus ubat and vacci.. total, RM50.. not bad actually.. banding dengan the vet in Miri.. quiet mahal jugak..

Last year, Smokie pernah ada kutu telinga.. in one week, after telinga dia kena cuci, boleh penuh balik dengan taik telinga. kinda disgusting jugak.. sebab when the doc ( all the way from Indonesia) dig out the taik, macam dia dia out ice-cream from container bah.. yuck!..

Doc cakap, maybe ada kutu telinga, sebab the previous visit, I paid rm30 for them to clean Smokie’s ear.. then after few weeks, penuh balik telinga.. padahal kucing kampung yang kami pelihara di KK, nda jugak ada taik telinga macam tu..
So the doctor said, he’s going to put the taik sample under the microscope to check if there’s any sign of kutu..Tapi, even to put it under microscope put suda cost me about rm30-40.. (lupa..)

After confirmed yang si Smokie ni berkutu telinga..which they proved it by asking me to see it for my self..( okay..bulu tengkuk meremang..geli bila ingat balik rupa kutu itu..), they advised me to give smokie ubat telinga.. drops lah.. which mau tidak mau kena beli jugak sebab Smokie tidur with me.. Kalau kutu dia pindah to my telinga????…last-last ada lah mau rm200 habis untuk ubat si Smokie ja..

Sampai rumah, terus lecture si Smokie yang tidak panadai jaga kebersihan.. tapi she cant hear.. coz her ear full of kutu.. double yuck.. lama jugaklah i didnt sleep with her..takut kan.. biarlah dia tidur seorang diri di living room..

So, conclusion, cats high maintenance.especially persian.. coz they are easily sakit.. and antibodi tidak kuat.. which will lead u to spent more on their med..
Then, even when you spent a lot on them, they still didnt catch the mouse at your house..

But still, cats are cute.. manja.. boleh jadi pressure/tension release therapy..

Ever heard that pregnant woman are not allowed to play or even in contact with cats???.. Next entry cerita pasal ini..

* these are few pictures taken at the vet..

-> anak-anak Smokie

-> Smokie, attempt to escape from the doc..

-> Calm.. before injected with the vacci..

Siang ngantuk..Malam segar..

pffttt… nda suka lah…
Kalau siang, punyalah extreme punya mengantuk.. i think i updated a few times my shout out at fb.. ‘mengantuk sampai tahap mematuk macam ayam..’.. kalau nda paham, sila bayangkan diri sebagai ayam yang sedang mematuk padi/nasi/gandum di atas tanah yang di tabur oleh tuan nya..

Then, kalau malam pulak, suda balik dari kerja (around 0645pm sampai rumah..), mandi.. sembahyang.. terus ready2 mau tidur around 10 – 11.. tapi, unfortunately, around tengah malam, mesti terbangun and terus segar bugar.. itu yang bikin panas tu kadang2..

So, that day i went to Watson.. jalan2 cuci mata lah..tinguk ada apa2 yang menarik hati.. terpandang Johnson’s baby Bedtime lotion.. ada gambar baby yang sedang tidur.. Before this memang tau ke-wujudan lotion tu.. cuma maybe ini packing baru.. ntah lah.. jarang jugak nampak.. so, lotion ni ada describe ‘Releases NaturalCalm essences’.. terfikir jugak, betul kah ni ah..

Beli ja lah..
Result…? Puas hati.. Rasa macam magic pun ada.. Sebab, kalau terbangun tengah malam tu, cepat2 cari lotion tu..( sebab nda mau rasa rugi walau seminit pun masa tidur tuh..) and pakai.. di tapak tangan pun cukup lah.. sudah pakai, tapak tangan letak dekat muka @ lubang hidung.. wuiseh..sampai pagi best tidur.. rasanya Natural Calm essences tu mimang ada lah.. cuma mungkin selama ni nda mau rasa tertipu.. hehe..

Jadi, siapa-siapa out there yang ada problem untuk tidur atau tidur kurang selesa.. cuba/try/test lah lotion ni sebelum anda mengambil inisiatif untuk memakan pil tidur…

*oh..ada gambar kecik yg interframe.. gambar time zaman muda-muda bercinta dulu.. Saya paksa Dia untuk pegi ke booth sticker picture itu.. hahaha..

Lepas solat asar tadi, tiba2 rasa mau main dengan camera henpon..
Then idea mau menggambar perut yg membulat datang..
Inilah hasilnya.. Pandangan atas, tepi dan depan.. Pandangan bawah ndak dapat sebab nanti nampak santut..

Tadi,on de way berjalan from canteen to my office, terjumpa with Mui K K.. He looked at my tummy n said.. ‘wah…gumuk suda…’
Salah your ayat tu uncle.. Nasib saya tidak kecik hati.. =p