Happy Chinesse New Year..

Celebrated Chinesse New Year @ Offshore again..yup..more overtime for me..well,today actually we didnt do any work due to the public holiday..OIM gave us 1 day off while the welfare commitee member organize games ti filled up our day..
First was the Goldenhand screw..where we have to wear a welding handglove(note : it is made of leather and very thick and hard)..then we have to screw the bolt to the nut..and the best part is that the screw is the smallest size..sangat lah kecil..but i managed to get 9 out of 10 in the first round..but failed in the 2nd round with only 2out of 10..
Second game, Ikat-ikat..u have to ikat your partner’s hair as many as u can..i didnt join..i dont want other people to touch my hair..
Third game, snooker..we were given 5 chances to shoot the ball and points were counted by the number printed on the ball that u get..i think mine is only 10..
Fourth game, fussball..i didnt join..
Fifth game, the ‘ngayuk game’..haha..very funny this game..i joined because pakcik kadid asked me to..and of course i didnt win..
Will try to upload all the pics..
And just now, we just had our lucky draw..i did win something..a backpack..yeay..activities of karaoke and gimrami will go on until 12 and OIM gave us quater day off tomorrow..work starts at 9.30 i.e. after tea break..yeayyyy again..Boleh bangun jam 8..heheee..

money + shopping = (‘,________,’)

That’s a senyuman lebar, in case you have difficulties interpreting it..
Who doesnt like shopping?..I know I like..
But I do know that shopping on un-necessary stuff is a very BIG no..but still doing it *guilty*
Well, apa yang saya sebenarnya ingin sampaikan sebenar-benarnya ialah saya mahu quit shopping atas benda yang tidak berfaedah..
Lets say yesterday..saya dengan tidak sengaja telah terbeli sebuah purse Roxy..padahal purse yang saya pakai ketika itu belum pun menjangkau umur setahun.. I called my fiance just after i bought the purse (sorry…)

Me : Ada purse Roxy..cute..
Din : kitak tok,balik2 beli beg..
Me : Ini bukan beg..ini purse…
Din : Sik payah lah..banyak gik maok pake duit tok..
Din : Ada duit kah?..Kalau ada duit belilah..

Begitu lah cerita bagaimana saya ada purse baru sebelum memberitahu tunang saya yang saya mahu beli purse itu..
Then I realized that I have this Lily’s character in ‘How I Met Your Mother’..kuat mau beli barang walaupun barang tu suda ada..tapi tidaklah sampai berhutang..Then, at that point baru i really2 bertekad that this all must be stopped…
Maybe I can start by not going to kedai yang jual barang mahal.. for example, jgn pegi kedai yang menjual sehelai santut yang harganya equals to 3 helai santut..
Or should i plan dulu barang yang mau di beli..if possible, buat list..so that tidak melencong ke kedai yang tidak berkenaan..
Bawak cash cukup2..kalau lebih pun, dalam rm20-rm30..credit card kalau boleh,kasi tinggal di rumah..haha..baru lah..
Tapi…I really Love my new purse..

shu bi du bi du..la la la..na na na..

Yeay..i finally got my videographer for the videography of my wedding..after doing surveys around KK and around the net..kinda bingung jugak mencari ni..bukan apa..kita mau cari videographer yang tau apa dia buat dalam harga yang berpatutan..Met the videographer, Bryan yesterday at 1B..kira first time jumpa lah. Jumpa di 1B konon sebab i thought ni tempat memang semua orang tau..easy lah..skali time introduce diri masing2,rupa-rupanya both from Penampang..bagus jumpa di chua kah seng ja..hehe..
Anyway..nice guy..he explained to me all the stuffs that i need to know about the videography package that im taking..He also do this kind of MTV where he will edit the videos of the wedding and put songs into it..kinda interesting for me..kesian bah..first time jugak ni jumpa videographer..so now, tengah list down song list yang i want to be in the MTV..Bryan will do the song picking..i’ll just have to list down my favourite songs..Tapi, lagu apa yg siok??..well, lagu siok tu banyak..tapi tinguk jugak isi kandungan the song..jangan ja lagu ‘kekasih gelapku’ tapi untuk video kahwin..haha..

My current song list is :

Better Together – Jack Johnson
Lucky – Jason Mraz and Colbie Caillat
I Love How You Love Me – Bobby Vinton
Let It Be Me – Everly Brothers or Elvis Presley’s version
Accidently in Love – Counting Crows

and this is all that i can think of..

Let it Be Me..

I am getting married in 2 months and a lot of preparations need to be done..phsically and mentally..
I’m just gonna turn 24 this year and my friends said that its too early for them/me to get married in this age..okay..lets do some thinking here people..and i mean, thinking OUTSIDE of the box..

– You are too young to get married –
…well, there are no age limit..even orang dulu2 pun kahwin awal..it is basically depends on your self..whether you are ready or not..doesnt mean u’re 26 and not ready, and me, 24 are supposed to be in the same level with u..

– Are you ready to have babies –
…If i did get pregnant after married, there’s nothing much that i can say than ALHAMDULILLAH..ramai orang mau baby awal and ramai jugak yang buat family planning..for me, family planning tu memang penting, at the same time, kalau lepas kahwin ja terus pregnant, terima lah dengan kesyukuran..ramai orang di dunia ni yang mau baby tapi tidak dapat2..Jangan ja sibuk2 makan pil perancang,but by the time betul2 mau baby suda, tidak dapat..Rezeki di tangan Allah..

– You will have to do all the house chores..cooking.. etc.. –
well, its about time people..umur 30 nanti baru mau start belajar semua benda tu?..

– No more freedom for you –
I dont have problem with that, because I’m marrying ZAINUDDIN (u know who u are bebeh..hehe)

For me, individually thinking, KAHWIN is a big deal and need to be mentally prepared for this..jangan kahwin suka-suka sebab dapat buat seks ja..after kahwin..everything need to be shared with your husband..your happiness..sadness..help each other in solving problems..giving each other advice for their own good..upgrade your life..support each other..let both of u be the smart one..dont let the ‘blur’ one left forever in that level..

Besides, u can try to be a cute ‘husband and wife couple’..hehe..this is to encouraged the singles people out there that marriage is not bad at all..

To my husband-to be..I love you very-very much..I will try my best to always be there for you..to laugh with and to cry with..my shoulder will always be there for you although you have to bend a bit coz im short(but cute..*wink*wink*)..but most of all, I will always stand beside you..I dont care what you call it, but i will always be your anak kucing..meeeeeooooowwwwww~


Got a phone call just now from offshore..it was uncle Chong, our radio operator..he wanted to confirm with me whether i still got my stuffs at M01..and then i said yes..so he told me that OIm Jason told him to book a flight for me to M01 for 1 week only i.e. to pack my stuffs and then back to shore and move to Bintulu..omg..i’m moving to Bintulu to start a new scope of work..meaning there’s a lot more to be learn..erm..then suddenly felt kinda sad to leave M01..well, its for my own good actually..tidak tahan saya kerja offshore sebagai OT mechanical..kalau tadi process kah atau pun instrument,ok jugak..teda angkat2 pam yang berat2..huh..minyak2 and grease2 tu ndak kisah..yg berat2 tu ja..lepas tu yang kerja siang malam tu lagi..tapi,just anggap kerja-kerja berat selama di offshore tu untuk menggantikan duit angin yang selalu dapat hujung bulan tanpa membuat kerja yang setimpal dgn duit yg di terima..hehe..faham kah??..ala..time training dulu, duit yang masuk hujung bulan punya lah banyak..tapi kerja yang di buat tu ndak berapa sangat..bah..sambung lagi kemas rumah..

wedding preparation

yeay..time for me to update on my wedding preparation within these 3 days..

Sunday (11.01.2009)
Ica is getting a new handphone. So, me, Ica, dad and mum went to kk plaza to look for her SE xxxx. After that we went to Butik Sri Andaman to pay for the deposit. Actually to just look and see. But then the bos said that somebody just booked the same date with my wedding. So, since that i paid rm100 to booked for the date, they gave me the 1st priority lah. So, dad paid half of the actual for deposit and confirmed my date. On 21st, i’ll be going there again to choose accesories for my wedding which newly arrived from KL according to the boss lah..

Monday (12.01.2009)
Went to KK Plaza again to pay for the balnced deposit. The day before we didnt bring enough money for the deposit. After settling the deposit, went to Karamunsing for lunch with Inden and Karen. TWO news during the lunch date. FIRST,i just knew about Nick&Naomi who was already engaged without informing the FRIENDS..karen yang kasitau..itu pun she tau from her friend punya friend punya friend..For me,its ok lah coz baru knal them for 2 years..tapi yang menyedihkan, kawan2 dia yang lama2 pun baru tau,according to karen..dui bah..berita yg menggembirakan jugak ni..knapa mau diam2 kan?..SECOND news, my OIM(offshore Installation Manager..pendek kata..bos lah) called me and asking me when I am ready to move to BOCC..wah…approved suda pigi BOCC..but i havent checked my email yet..and that is why my tunang tidak percaya with the good news..mesti ada hitam putih depan mata baru dia percaya..but its ok..coz im still on with the good news..
And i also went to my mum punya kawan punya kedai to try her make ups..she’ll be my mak andam for my wedding..so try dulu lah..erm..first time pakai bulu mata palsu..terhad penglihatan di sebabkan oleh bulu mata palsu yang tebal tu..hehe..

Tuesday (13.01.2009)
Went out to look for videographer at segama..gila-gila punya mahal..padahal i want yang simple2 ja..so still on going searching for videographer..tried to search at google..jumpa jugak a few..emailed them to ask about packages and pricing..really looking forward for their reply..tadi jeling-jeling the price for bunga telur..kira2 budget..mahal2 jugak barang2 sekarang ni..then, went to 1B to buy kain langsir from kamdar..them off to rampayan to hantar the kain. Progression on Pakcik Ali..he can eat and walk already..but eat bubur and baby walk only..Ya Allah, kuatkanlah semangat Pakcik Ali..

That is all for today..tomorrow, the

penat sungguh..

‘twenty four hours..tujuh hari seminggu..’
ayat ini di petik dari lagu Project Pop ‘teman tapi ngarep’..best lagu ni..cuba dengar sampai habis..
anyway, I’m at darat oledi..to be more specific, di kk suda..a few stuffs happened a few days before balik darat..
di offshore..malar ja hujan..angin pun kuat..ngam2 on my crew change day, bad weather pulak..heavy rain with thunderstorm..windspeed 30-32..visibility 3 miles..gilak!..chopper pun delayed for 1 hour..nasib dorang datang jugak..kalau tidak,overstay laini..
my second week at offshore was a bit busy..bukan busy kerja ah..busy dengan rubik’s cube..kalau boleeeyy…si larry lah ni bawa rubik’s cube pi offshore..sampai saya pun terikut2..boleh di katakan addicted jugalah..sampai termimpi2..sampai miri ja,terus went to toys r us n beli that cube..mahal jugak lah..rm69.90..siap ada screwdriver dgn grease lagi..but that one is for my sayang..he said for his bday present..tapi kami share2 main..hihi..*so cute*..macam budak2 ni..share2 barang mainan..

Update on my date with haji ahmad suut.. 🙂
I emailed him to inform him about hajat di hati untuk bersua muka..went there with cayang..actually,he was not supposed to go with me..tapi I asked him like 2 times..’kitak ekot juak?’..dan dia masi jugak dengan jawapan yang sama..’aoklah..’..tapi,apa2 pun,thanx cayang..kalau tidak,mesti sunyi ja ofis boss tu..and the dialog begins..

Boss: yes..what can i help you?u two want to get married?..
Ila : err..ya..
Boss : well, thats good..ok,what else do you want to say?
Ila : (wah..macam mana mau cakap ni..)..ermmmmmmmmmm…i want to settle down at Bintulu after married..if possible lah..
Boss : well, thats possible..bla..bla..bla..blaa..by now u haf to know where is riser A,riser B…bla..bla..blaa..
Ila : Is it possible for me to continue my competency?..
Boss : Yes..bla..bla..bla..
then, kami start berbual2 pasal hal2 and isu2 lain..tapi dalam hati time tu sudah senang lah..hopefully semuanya berjalan dengan lancar lah..amin..

malam tu,si kelisa tersadai di tepi jalan raya selepas Jambatan Lutong kerana kehabisan bateri..well, si kelisa memang tidak sepatutnya berjalan jugak sebab dari rumah lagi bateri nya sudah flat,tapi cayang and si amirul telah mengaplikasikan shell competency yang mereka pelajari utk menghidupkan si kelisa..erm..cranking the engine..I was assigned to be the driver where my cayang and amirul supposed to push the car to create momentum..but unfortunately,saya tiba2 takut dan tidak berani lalu menyerah diri..jadi si amirul lah yang jadi driver while my cayang yang tukang tolak si kelisa..after kelisa hidup,di bawak jaalan pulak dalam keadaan bateri yang di hujung tanduk..akhirnya,kelisa menyerah di tepi jalan..dan di situlah di mana the adventurous part started..pergi rumah ahmad..pinjam bateri kelisa nya..pergi ke si kelisa,pasang bateri,bawak dia balik rumah..then hantar balik bateri si ahmad..ya..begitu lah..dalam keadaan malam dan hujan yang renyai2..terima kasih kepada amirul selaku chief mechanic and cayang selaku pemegang payung..gambar2 bukti ada di ambil namun unable di uploadkan due to ‘error’ yang malar ya dari tadi..

oh..lupa pulak..si smokie ada datang miri jugak..rindu dengan smokie..mau peluk2 dia..cium2 dia..tapi,bapak nya tidak ada mandikan si smokie..jadi tidak dapat lah di peluk gilak..nanti mula lagi gatal2 satu badan..before pergi ke airport tadi,bapak si smokie sempat jugak memberi sedikit waktu untuk saya dan smokie meluangkan masa sekejap berdua di dalam kereta..bukannya apa..mau tinggalkan pesan dgn smokie ja..jangan suruh dia nakal2 di bintulu dgn bapaknya..

di airport terjumpa dgn bob,wen n amy..bob dgn wen balik kk..sama flight kami..jadi,sempat jugak duduk di luar tempat smoking untuk bercerita2 sekejap..catch up sikit2..lama kan ndak jumpa..

sampai kk ja..terus ambil ica n pi 1borneo..jalan2..cuci2 mata..ada terjumpa si bob jugak..dan dia semakin semakin dan semakin kurus..ada ambik gambar dia n mms to cayang..

penat sudah ni..mau tidur..gudnite!!

please please please..

please oh please..i just emailed my boss, ahmad suut regarding my plan on moving to onshore after married..if possible, i dont want to work at offshore anymore..penat sekali..plus the extra hard work that I,as a girl have to do..woohh..

Hopefully he’ll reply my mail and can help me with that..really really really hopes that he can help me..

period pain

i hate period pain..
pain..please go..
i slept from 11am until 12.30 just now..i skipped keja skejap..then i went to the mass room, mau buat teh halia..so i minta halia from the chef..i minta siiikkiiiittt ja…but they gave satu biji..punya lah..maybe they thought im going to eat the halia..so i bagi balik and ambik sikit ja..
oh pain..please..please..please go away..huhuhu…


dEar 2008..
saya mau cakap bye-bye dan jugak terima kasih sebab, macam2 jugaklah cabaran dan halangan yang saya dapat time 2008 ni. tapi benda2 yang bagus pun ada jugak yang terjadi dalam 2008 ni..thanx ah..saya rasa,dalam banyak2 tahun, tahun ni lah yang paling mencabar..fuh..kalau mau cerita,banyak betul ni..tapi yang top event ja lah cerita kan?..
contohnya, tahun 2008, ada 3 orang kawan saya yang kawin..sanusi&isteri, sai&isteri dan wesley&dorothy..tapi time tu saya belum lagi fikir pasal kawin..sebab teda bf gia time tu..tinguk2 orang yang ada bf ja..siuk jugak time tu angan2 mau ada bf..hihi..buruk oh..
lepas tu,sibuk lagi fikir pasal competency..banyak betul yang perlu di buat..mechanical lah..electrical lah..proses lah..instrument lah..oim lah..alamak,terlebih sudah..tapi,syukur Alhamdullilah, siap jugak competency..awal siap lagi..awal 1-2 bulan ja lah..tapi at least awal..hehe..lepas tu kena hantar ke offshore lagi..padahal,selama ni memang berabis nda mau kerja di offshore..tapi begitu lah kehidupan,sebab that time i was hooked by sarawakian guy oledi..hai cayang..
and this year jugak my dear bf(now tunang) bawak kawin..sudah lah mem-propose tu dengan selamba ja..’kitak kawen ngan kmk ja’..nasib saya ni paham perangai dia yang ndak romantik ni..tapi,dia pun terpaksa jugak paham dengan perangai saya yang terikut-ikut kan cerita drama dalam tv dan novel cinta..terpaksa lah si kawan kasi beli cincin dari lazo diamond(selepas saya merajuk ni)…and he proposed to me for the 2nd time..ada beberapa kali ulang tayang jugak sebab dia propose nda sama yang macam di tv..heeehehee..(^___^)..thank you sayang..so,kami kawin mengikut perancangan 13hb March 2009..
actually itu ja top event in 2008..actually,cuba mau ingat jugak hari tu by tinguk2 gambar yang dated in 2008..tapi semua yang besa2 ja..tu lah tu..
hopefully, 2009 ni,saya boleh lah tambah kuat and matang..bingung jugak fikir macam mana mau ubah perangai yang suka merajuk and suka menangis ni..macam budak2 bah..bikin malu ja..huhu..
bah..kesejukkan sudah ni di maintenance office..mau pegi mass room lah join new year punya games..